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Back on the bike

My six weeks of biking rest have come to an end. I was offically certified to bike again and the first ride back felt SO GOOD! It is amazing how much a persons mood can be modified by biking.
During the biking break I got to mope and watch everyone bike in the gorgeous weather. I have less pain in my incision and take my ibuprofen pill on occasion rather than every 6 hours. I never imagined having to leave the house so much with a newborn.We went to a record number of appointments, ughh.

When I came home from the hospital I didn't want visitors and my friends understood this. We kept in touch via text and the occasional phone call but they did not push themselves on me just to fulfill a need to see a little baby. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends came to visit me and it was exciting. We talked about nursing. You know, that is always not so intuitive and it takes some time for both mother and baby to get it down where mommy can just nurse in public with ease.

Not only that b…