Kids riding on their own (The lazy way)

Taking a break on Bicycle Sunday
Training wheels are the worst idea. If you have kids forget the training wheels, they don't help. Instead take the pedals off a bike if they have one. If you have the money, get them a balance bike. At the time our daughter was little enough for a balance bike we were in economical poo. So, buying a balance bike or any bike just seemed out of the question. It wasn't until we moved to Seattle where we were able to afford stuff. Right now I am in the process of getting rid of stuff.

Training wheels bike
When we finally got our daughter a bike we figured it would be a good idea to put training wheels on the bike. We purchased her bike at Bike Works and she rode it home with the training wheels. Everything was good until she crashed into a berry bush. That basically ended her biking career for a good 8 months. In the meantime the Viking offspring grew and grew and the bike was just too small for her. A lot of begging happened for a new bike. In the meanwhile our kid was using the bike as part of whatever games she played in the yard. We took the bike back to Bike Works and bought a larger bike, the current pink one. We took the pedals off, meaning we had Steve take them off. We like Steve, he is so nice!

Say Cheese Steve!
So, Mr. Peyos, Baby Peyos and myself walked with our daughter all the way down to Seward Park for Bicycle Sunday. A lot of people saw us with our kid on her bike without the pedals. Someone even said to us that maybe having another parent teach her would help but we figured once we hit a flat surface she would maybe balance herself.

Family Bikes in the distance
We were trying to make our way to some festival down on the lake where BikeWorks had a stand and we could have someone put her pedals back on. We also knew that Family Bike would be there and we could check out all the different family bikes, something fun. I like these community events, although people were lined up forever for a free helmet. I hope they had the bike to go with it. In any case, while we waited for the wheels to get back on we took a look around. We spotted a newish cargo bike from G&O. I like that basket and the assist is really nice.

It was a happy occasion to wait for the pedals. While this was happening Baby Peyos and I went to visit Morgan. Can you see her in the purple? We made our way to check out the different family bikes.

Again, if you want to rent a bike contact Morgan, she has so many bikes to choose from. Remember my adventures with the Madsen? You can recreate them minus the speakers. I wanted to stick Baby Peyos on a bike but he was grouchy and just wanted his human water bottle/food source/pillow so he wasn't into my fun. I did manage to stick him in a cargo bike. I think the yellow subdued him.

See you later Mommy!
We started making our way home on Lake Washington to bike along the relaxing zero car zone. At this point Baby Peyos decided he had enough and it took the two adults to calm him down. While I was trying to get my walking and nursing thing going our kid took off on two wheels without us. We didn't notice because we were so involved in the baby. After all that balance biking we didn't think she would just bike away from us once the pedals were put back on but that is EXACTLY what happened.

So, if you want your older kid to bike take the pedals off. Put the pedals back on and don't worry they will bike. Then again, potty training with her was this easy. One day Mr. Peyos said to her, "you will no longer be wearing diapers". She said, "Okay". That was it! From that day on she went to the potty in her tiny toilet. So, the biking doesn't come as a surprise. Who was nervous about her falling? Mr. Peyos! As soon as he realized she was biking he kinda ran after her to "help" her. He walked fast next to her and reached out his hand when he thought she would fall. Good thing our kid told him to leave her alone.

She biked all the way home but on the way her seat needed to be put up. Lucky for us Cascade was out in full force and had tools. We got to borrow a tool but not before we were lectured on how badly her bike helmet was on our kid. Am I going to get into the helmet debate? No, but I can tell you that we won't freak out if somehow it gets forgotten. It's the law so we wear one. Now that our kid is on her bike it feels liberating. Now she is trying to get miles to earn a newer bike.


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