Stroller Biking

You can see the stroller is not really a stroller

I hate the bus in summer. So many smells and all the weirdos are out in full bloom. With the older kid biking we have more freedom. On the hotter days we have done stroller biking. What is that? Well, it means our kid bikes and we walk really fast with the stroller behind her. I would love her to ride on the road but with us on the sidewalk I am not so confident that she won't get run over by a car.

As you can see by the picture, I am not committed enough to invest in a stroller that cost a bazillion dollars. I also don't like the idea of buying one used unless I see that it was cleaned. Too many times I see junk or gross things people try to sell. Also, my husband is very allergic to animals so if it has even been near something with hair then forget it. This means I have to buy new. Ok, fine. Let's see how long I last with the car seat stroller set up.

We have done a lot of walking and pushing a baby. We did this whole set up to the Wooden Boat festival to Lake Union.
FYI: That man in the background is NOT Mr. Peyos
These boats were cheap, at least cheaper than my bike. Mr. Peyos was interested by what kind of boat he could potentially buy. Maybe we can add an electric assist and we can all bike this around Lake Union, hahaha.
So much pink!

In any case, we have been walking more than I want but oh well, better than the bus right! We walked here just so my kid could get a plant that is half dead now. 

So, our kid is growing and she is biking. She is pretty fast at this point. I am sure we will have to upgrade to another bike. She has not mastered one handed biking or any crazy stunts but then again she is really a cautious kid. I remember at her age I was jumping over stuff with my roller skates. My dream job would be at a Roller Derby.

In any case, she amazes us with her new biking skills.Our kid has gone to summer camp and the camp moved from one location to a farther one. This means the commute has been far, or least far in the sense that I have to get a whole baby ready and equipment in the stroller to get her and her friend to camp. Mr. Peyos has a flexible job with a corporate giant so he is able to stay home a bit longer with the baby so I could do crazy stuff. Crazy stuff means putting the non-biking friend in the Hooptie and having our kid bike next to me. So, this is what I did the other day. I take the girls to camp and they get picked up by someone else. I had to tow the bike, an experience I only ever see online.
Can that bike get more pink?
I thought I did a good job securing the thing. I had some straps to the toe clips from another bike but alas, I lost one and the bike was hanging but held by the Xtracycle bags. I think it also helps that the wheel had something to stick into. I guess with more practice.
you like the dry grass at my house I never water in summer?

I made it home and so this is our summer. Not exactly the same as last summer where I had NO idea I was pregnant and decided to start graduate school. Then again, this summer is full of baby cuteness and a kid on her way to biking independence.


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