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The heaviest load

On August 10th we finally moved into our new place. The new landlady is also our old landlady. After 5 years of our tiny living we decided to upgrade for many different reasons. The landlady has very nice houses. Like I said earlier, I recruited children to help me and the landlady move her things around in the basement. So, on a warm day 3 kids under bar and bas mitzvah age shuttled the contents of the tiny house to the larger house. Remember, it is next door so not even a bike was required.

People are always impressed that these kids manage to do real work. Several years ago when they were little we went and picked fruit at a neighbors house and in return we cleaned up the yard of all the rotten fruit. Another year this trio picked the fruit from our trees and then delivered the excess to anyone who would take plums. I see this happening again because their is much talk about the "ancient pears".

Let's take a look at kid labor:

The contents of this room were to be wal…

Oh Portland!

We took a break from our move to redeem my birthday gift. I not saying when or if it happened but a couple of months ago Mr. Peyos asked me what I wanted to do. So, as crazy as it sounds I wanted to stay at the Tiny House Hotel. At that moment we were still dwelling in La Casita and going to Portland to stay in a tiny house just was going to be SO fun!

This week we quietly left the house, boarded the Amtrak train south and landed in Portland. Since I had zero time to plan this trip, aside from making the reservations for the train and hotel, we kinda arrived to the fanfare of, "now what?"

At the Amtrak station we paid $4 to have our luggage stored so we didn't walk around like hobos. Baby Peyos was forced to wear a cloth diaper cover on top of a disposable diaper. I am so paranoid about explosions I just didn't want to have leakage. We cloth diaper and this never happens. Also, if you cloth diaper you know that all those pee diapers get heavy and I really wasn't…

Move by Bike

We are not native to the Seattle wild or even Washington. I grew up in California and my husband is Danish. As a married couple we lived in Denmark then to California and then to Washington. We really haven't moved around a lot. We are simple people. When we moved from Denmark to California we packed all our books into boxes and shipped all 12 boxes to my mother's house. One box got lost in transport but it didn't matter because they were books. We did mourn the loss of the medical skin infections book. It had the most graphic pictures of rashes and other skin problems.
Our move from California to Washington involved a POD and an Amtrak train. At that point our daughter was 3 and we didn't have a lot. I had a lot of plants, I ALWAYS have a lot of plants but I had family members who were willing to come dig up my garden for them. We also left a mystical garden in our small patio. My husband always sighs at how much work I always put into someone else's yard. Once i…