Move by Bike

Good-bye friends!
We are not native to the Seattle wild or even Washington. I grew up in California and my husband is Danish. As a married couple we lived in Denmark then to California and then to Washington. We really haven't moved around a lot. We are simple people. When we moved from Denmark to California we packed all our books into boxes and shipped all 12 boxes to my mother's house. One box got lost in transport but it didn't matter because they were books. We did mourn the loss of the medical skin infections book. It had the most graphic pictures of rashes and other skin problems.
Our Amtrak move to Seattle, say cheese!
Our move from California to Washington involved a POD and an Amtrak train. At that point our daughter was 3 and we didn't have a lot. I had a lot of plants, I ALWAYS have a lot of plants but I had family members who were willing to come dig up my garden for them. We also left a mystical garden in our small patio. My husband always sighs at how much work I always put into someone else's yard. Once in Washington we switched houses 3 times. We lived for one year in Wedgewood/Bryant neighborhood. I bought my 3 speed Fuji bike and the trailer only because I saw the glorious Burke Gilman trail. That bike killed me. The people who told me that 3 gears were enough were SO wrong! Anyways, I was stubborn and kept at it.

Our overpriced blue house, nice but overpriced
After our year in a very expensive house, not according to California rent standards, we moved down to Seward Park. We froze in a house with zero insulation and with a landlord who was keeping a deep dark secret, among all his stuff that he just kinda left in the house. The house went into foreclosure and we were happy to be out of there.  By this time I had a good 2 years biking all of Seattle with a 3 speed and a child. So, I did what any normal sensible person would do. I biked ALL our belongings to our new house a couple of hilly blocks away. We had people wave at us and some kinda stared. Who are those people?

2008 snow that made us realize we had ZERO insulation
So, if you saw a woman with a Burley with loads of stuff, that was me. I would wake up at 5am before anyone in the house was up and cargo stuff back and forth until I had to go to work. In a short span I managed to get most, if all of the house into our new dwelling. It looked crazy but at the time I was in good shape and was well equipped to do it.

My garden I am leaving behind, boo hoo hoo hoo...
After 5 years of living in our place we have decided to upgraded to a house with 2 bathrooms. Our daughter is getting older, my mother wants to come visit more often and so we decided to live in something bigger. Both my husband and I were reluctant to make this move because we like our tiny house and all the time I spent on that garden. We come to realize that the new person in the house needs space and we need that extra bathroom. Are we moving by bike? Nope! We are walking all our stuff right next door. Our landlady owns both properties and for the longest time has wanted us to move into the big house but we didn't feel like we needed. Now that we semi feel like we need it we will be moving houses. I don't know if the timing is exactly how I wanted it. My graduate classes start soon and we had actually planned a trip to Portland WAY before this place was made available. Plus, I have the added distraction of a baby and his cuteness of diapers, feeding and attention. I hired some children, yes children, to move things into the basement until the landlady is done making repairs.

The process of clearing the basement was slightly painful and resulted in some not so nice things happen. The bags of garbage (not my stuff) that were taken to the curb attracted attention. We had someone come in the middle of the night trying to open our door, looking in our window and of the empty house next door. This whole time they were being watched by our neighbor, which scared them off. Nobody planned to tell me this until two days after it happened. Thank G-d nothing happened but after 5 years of living in our house that was a first. I think what was most disappointing was that garbage was spewed all over the road and it had to be picked up. The kid who worked so hard to clean up that mess was pretty disappointed. In the end, our neighbors came through. One neighbor vacuumed up glass and the other one took some heavy items off the property.

I know my husband is going to kill me but now I get to start a whole new forest garden. My motto, "plants over people!!"

So, I am excited about 2 bathrooms and a bigger place to put more bikes. MORE BIKES!!


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