Oh Portland!

Cascade train to Portland
We took a break from our move to redeem my birthday gift. I not saying when or if it happened but a couple of months ago Mr. Peyos asked me what I wanted to do. So, as crazy as it sounds I wanted to stay at the Tiny House Hotel. At that moment we were still dwelling in La Casita and going to Portland to stay in a tiny house just was going to be SO fun!

The conductor gave him his own seat
This week we quietly left the house, boarded the Amtrak train south and landed in Portland. Since I had zero time to plan this trip, aside from making the reservations for the train and hotel, we kinda arrived to the fanfare of, "now what?"

We arrived to touch all the public art.
At the Amtrak station we paid $4 to have our luggage stored so we didn't walk around like hobos. Baby Peyos was forced to wear a cloth diaper cover on top of a disposable diaper. I am so paranoid about explosions I just didn't want to have leakage. We cloth diaper and this never happens. Also, if you cloth diaper you know that all those pee diapers get heavy and I really wasn't into carrying 10 lbs of wet diapers.
A plethora of parking for your shopping carts
Now I wanted to rent bikes for all of us but decided not to in the end. So we walked. We walked to Powell's from the Amtrak. Wow, Portland is SO CLEAN! I mean, it doesn't even smell like a urinal. How do you do it? Plus you have those drinking fountains for humans called Bubblers. That could have been an all day activity finding them and drinking out of them. Wait, was that a no no?

People are happy they don't have to climb mountains to go places.

Portlanders are also happy! Even your crazy people are happy in a way that doesn't scare me. Seattle has crazy people that you are pretty sure will take out of knife and try to take a swing at you just because they are crabby. Everyone is happy in Portland, even the bus drivers! I was so amazed by public transportation and the fact that even normal people get on the bus.

Hills: Portland, your hills are SO cute! I mean SO cute. They are like tiny humps in the road. We laughed at your hills and people thought we were crazy. In any case, Portland has so many colorful people but I honestly think Mr. Peyos freaked your people out. We got a lot of second looks. We even had a guy with faux peyos approach us and was kinda weirded out by the Chasidic guy.
We were highly entertained for many hours

So, we spent a lot of time in Powells. It is a dangerous place to go for a family like us. My daughter ended up schlepping around close to 20 lbs of books by the end of the day. It was so heavy for her, but she was happy.

Now on to bikes: We saw so many regular people on bikes and then we saw tall bikes like it was normal. I think I screamed every time we spotted one. I think we looked crazy, pointing and yelling, "tall bike!!" We only saw one person wearing spandex and he looked angry and irrational. Everyone else looked happy! How are you also so far north and mange to have so many people who are just content and smile? Not just smile like you are holding in a fart but a genuine smile.

All in one space with our cheese grater steps.
Tiny House Hotel: We stayed at the famous and fun Tiny House Hotel on 12th and NW Alberta. It was tiny and fun. A lot of thought went into the Skyline tiny house. In the end, we figured it was probably best to stay in a different one for the next trip. The stairs to the top bunk were industrial and were really meant to walk on with shoes. If you walked barefoot it was like a cheese grater ready to take some skin off. For a religious family who needs to do stuff like daven (pray) maybe we should have picked a different tiny house.

Probably the first time tefillin have been in here
Mr. Peyos was too tall to daven on the top loft so he ended up in the middle of the whole thing. Good thing we had a handy mechitzah. What did we eat? Well, we walked to get tofurky and bread down the street. We ate a lot of fruit and drank water. It was non-eventful. In the morning I picked up coffee at a shop that declared, "I like my coffee black, just like my metal". The coffee was good!!! While in Portland we spent a tiny bit of time with my friend of many years. We met when we were teenagers and despite how we each live our lives we have remained friends into our old age. The baby was fond of him and managed to not get spit up on him. We loved our stay and will gladly go back again and try a different tiny house.

Back to Bikes: The next day we did what every bike family would do, we went to a bike shop. We picked Clever Cycles as our choice. While in Portland we thought our daughter could try the Brompton. They were so nice at the shop. The bike was set up and then my kid comes towards me and whispers that she changed her mind, she didn't want to try it. In the end, a Brompton was set up for Mr. Peyos and he took a long spin, sans helmet around the cute Portland hills. As nice as the Brompton is Mr. Peyos felt like it didn't work for him. He is very tall and so used to his Dutch bike.

Did we buy anything? We did! Mr. Peyos bought a bag, straps for his rack. I was shocked. The man, never does this but he must have really felt like he needed it. He also tried a rain cape that actually fit him. We actually measured his height at the doctors the other day. He was 6'5 with shoes on, it is ridiculous.

Besides the shinanigans of those guys trying a Brompton I lounged and nursed Baby Peyos, changed his diaper and then stuck him in bikes. He seemed to find the whole experience fun. He is such a smart baby.

After that, we headed to buy bagels at a place called the Bowery. We walked in a little after 2pm and it seems that they were clear out of bagels. The woman very politely said, "we close at 2pm". Oh, I didn't realize. Instead she did a real smile and we left without bagels.

Don't .be sad. You will see us again!
Aww, this trip was so short but now we know that Portland has so much to offer and we can't wait to go back. Thank you for being entertaining and educational! For sure, we will be on bikes for the next trip.


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