The heaviest load

 On August 10th we finally moved into our new place. The new landlady is also our old landlady. After 5 years of our tiny living we decided to upgrade for many different reasons. The landlady has very nice houses. Like I said earlier, I recruited children to help me and the landlady move her things around in the basement. So, on a warm day 3 kids under bar and bas mitzvah age shuttled the contents of the tiny house to the larger house. Remember, it is next door so not even a bike was required.

People are always impressed that these kids manage to do real work. Several years ago when they were little we went and picked fruit at a neighbors house and in return we cleaned up the yard of all the rotten fruit. Another year this trio picked the fruit from our trees and then delivered the excess to anyone who would take plums. I see this happening again because their is much talk about the "ancient pears".

Let's take a look at kid labor:

The contents of this room were to be walked over. It is amazing how much stuff we can mange to smoosh into that house. It doesn't look like much but in reality it was a lot. I don't have shots of the closet and drawers.

Not much left except Legos! Of course! 

This the room once it had been cleared. Baby Peyos moves around a lot. His face is still but the rest of his body is in motion.

Same kid room minus all her stuff. These kids worked fast!

The books got moved now all this miscellaneous stuff.

This is the living room without everything but a bookshelf and our bikes. At this point Mr. Peyos and his friend were taking it apart because it was WAY to heavy to bring over intact.  To make the move more exciting, we lost the screws in the process. We found loose screws everywhere during this move. If you lost your screws they are here! It became the running joke, "someone lost a screw".

Other interesting stuff, in the process of switching over our internet we were completely disconnected on Augsust 8th and didn't get everything back and running until the 20th! Yes, we lived without internet. At what cost? It meant, I did the move mostly with kid labor, while holding a baby because Mr. Peyos was not able to work from home. It also meant that I ended up only being enrolled in one of my graduate school classes.

It's okay. I am taking Vocabulary and Thesaurus design. I think that should be enough. If the wind blew in a certain direction we were able to see the WIFI of  friends who live on a different street. They even gave us the password but we didn't even try. If it wasn't for work or school turns out that you can survive without internet. You do stuff the old fashion way. You call people rather than text or whatever social media. My phone did a number on me and decided to not receive text messages and other stuff. My mom called me when I didn't answer 2 text messages but that doesn't matter because she would call me just to ask if I saw her text, hahaha.

Probably the hardest and heaviest thing to bring over were my raised beds and all the compost. The second I gave over the keys to the old place everything belonged to the landlady. So, I asked to take anything from the property after that. It took me some time to take it all but it got done and when I was finally tired I hired a kid to take apart my compost bins I made with pallets so that I can make a neat pile of garbage for the dump. After doing a cost difference it turned out that hiring Seattle Rubbish Removal. They came on time, the truck was clean and the guys were very professional. It was do that or borrow a Zip Truck and go to the dump with a baby who hates cars. The pallets alone were enough to consider a dump run. I didn't take a picture after I took the raised beds because the house turn over was quick. The tiny house took less than one day for the landlady to make ready and by the end of the week she had a renter. That raised bed in the picture had a secret, a wasp hive. It was fun to remove.

So, we are more settled in our new house and found the screws. They were put in my box with a hand steam cleaner. Good thing that is my favorite thing, otherwise we would still be looking for screws.

No, we did not add a new bike to our fleet because we now have tons of room for more. Who needs couches, people can just lounge on our bikes.


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