A new "protected" bike experiment on Seattle's 2nd Ave/Sher Kung Bikeway

I feel busy. Wait, I am busy. Taking that one class is no joke. Also, the myriad of other things I have taken on take up a lot of time and then we have Baby Peyos cuddle pants. He is one opinionated person. Okay, he is 5 months but sheesh, he is one big surprise. At our 4 month appointment we discussed with the pediatrician his growing interest in food. At kiddish he would smack his lips and indicate that he be given some. So, I started making baby food and we started feeding him. Yes, I am still nursing him. The only liquid he will get will be from me.  This means we were back to pumping so that I can "water" down the baby food. MOO MOO, that's the sound my machine makes.

Looks like nobody here but it was early

As eventful as our home life is we took a brief trip on Monday downtown to try to meet with another bike family. We were up and ready and then what happens? Oh, Baby Peyos needs a nap and then he wants his baby food. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES nursing but if he can get food, watch out! By the time we made it, our bike friends were gone. So, we walked on the sidewalk next to the new lane and checked out so many people on bikes.
Taking advantage of the bike lane, sadly he blew the red light

For the opening day and for several days after, volunteers were stationed at each block to remind bike riders to stop at the designated red bike signal and for drivers to not turn left on a red arrow. After taking a brief trip into Target for some things we sat outside Benaroya, ate our snacks and watched the traffic flow. A lot of drivers needed to be "reminded" that they can not turn left on a red arrow signal.

We in fact went and had snack time at this same location on two separate days. Once of the times KOMO news was with us. It was interesting this first week. We are now into the second week and guess what? Bike traffic has increased, THREE times at much. For an experiment/demonstration this means that we needed this a long time ago. It also solves a lot of bike riding issues when going north. I would bike on the sidewalk to bike north just because the grade is gradual and when you have a kid this is nice. This did mean we had to compete for space with pedestrians who are sometimes in their own world when walking. On the Dutch bike I would sometimes stop and walk. On my Edgerunner I was less inclined to do this because of the space a cargo bike takes up.

We have yet to use the 2nd Ave lane. Will I let my kid ride it, like we allowed her to on Broadway? Not yet! I think I would have to feel completely confident that people who drive metal machines understand the traffic signals. Hopefully when I have the need to bike downtown for something big I will get a chance to bike here too.


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