Meanwhile..people's safety is compromised

Stop being depressed! You are alive!

Last week was so horrific. The week started out great and then a car slammed into a building on Rainier Ave. and then the next day a woman gets hit by a large truck on 2nd Ave and dies. So, those people out there who have nothing better than feel sorry for themselves should really pick themselves up because other people are suffering much more. In fact, pick up one of Shalom Arush's books and really read it.

Rainier Ave is one of those places where people in cars speed and ignore pedestrians. We were about to leave the house to the library and I quickly checked my Twitter feed to find that Rainier Ave. was blocked off, this meant the bus was halted. So, rather than sit at a bus stop we delayed our trip.

I never understand this. Now the woman who owns the salon is out her whole business. She had just remolded.  Worse, the whole building is unstable. I honestly hope that this person driving had a medical issue because if it turns out they were texting. People were pinned by the car and went to the hospital.

Then the soon after in the week a woman is killed while biking on 2nd Ave. The city is making improvements but at what cost? I feel so sorry for the family of this woman. It is so horrible to loose a life. The 2nd Ave. "bike lane" was never safe. I even witnessed a guy fly up in the air not too long ago. Thank G-d he walked away but the woman who hit him insisted she "didn't see him". She was so annoyed she had to stay behind. Now, I don't know how the driver of the truck is feeling but I am sure he feels horrible.

So, when I see this I think whatever happens to me, okay well. I am alive, Also, I didn't ram my car into a shop and ruin someone's life or kill anyone. Ah, but then again, Rebbe Nachman is always at the back of my mind with the great Emuna machine. So, whatever problem you are having, really, take a DEEP breath and get over it. You are alive!


  1. I had a too-close-for-comfort call today. And I am okay. I am alive. But still I could not let the opportunity go by to let someone know they could have hurt or killed me with their van. Not choice words but I felt I had to say SOMETHING for once.

    1. Glad you are okay. Anything outside a car is fair game for being hit by people who drive cars.


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