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Sukkos by Bike

Aww, the chagim are over and we are just left with Chesvan, bummer. My last post was about murder and I did not even blog after that. Maybe you thought on my quest for cheese something happened. Well, I am here and survived the many meals we ate during Tishrei. Actually I made sure we ate lots of vegetables. Our guest were forced to eat a plethora of raw vegetables because they taste better that way and I am lazy. We had some interesting meals, many of them were just slapped together and eaten with raw vegetables. If you don't eat those things that grow from the earth you would have had a hard time at our house. My daughter finds kids who eat pure candy a mystery. Sure she likes candy and we let her have it but never in a way that she screams, "CANDY!!" She's just like that.

Hold on a moment! What did our sukkah look like? There you go, in all the glory of a typically Seattle Sukkos. Cold and burr. I heard about the heated sukkah someone had, including a sink!!

FYI: …

Mercer Island at Night or A great place to get murdered

We ran out of cheese and panic set in around the house. This meant that Baby Peyos was left with Mr. Peyos at home while I raced across the I-90 to fulfill our need for cheesy goodness. I waited until the last possible moment when it is questionable if you need bike lights or not. I made my way across the lovely I-90 bridge and based on all our other adventures you know that I am required to make this trip because other people have vertigo. The bike ride to the island was uneventful and I mostly encountered people who were commuting. Not one person with a spandex wedge, sigh.

I bought my load of lots of beer, cheese, gefilte fish and other stuff and made my way home. What happened? Someone turned off the lights! It was so dark. The park on the island has zero lights. As bright as my lights are, they don't light up everything. It is so interesting how many people walk on the path alone in the dark. Why? Who are you? I had no time to do a full out interview. How dark was it? Close …