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Epic Bike Trips are EPIC

It is almost a year of owning the Edgerunner and it has been whispering something to me, "take me to a check-up". The whisper became louder and I had no choice but to bring it in. Oh but baby Peyos is not able to ride on my bike yet so this was a hard thing to plan. The baby eats food but he is still nursing and needs me since I am a baby water bottle.

I put a call out to invite people from the family bike group to join me on my epic voyage so I wouldn't be alone on my ride. Here is the note I sent out:

JOIN ME. Sunday November 16th What: I will be biking to G&O from Seward Park. The voyage will be epic, their may be crying, coffee and beer. Route: I am will be taking the "crazy route" from Seward Park to downtown up 2nd and then along Westlake. Once I get to Fremont I will bike up that mega hill I may or may not have use of the BionX so it you see me cheer me on or scream "CHEATER"". It you are interested in biking with me PM me and we …