Home Sweet Bikey Home

Do you like this sidewalk replacement ON Rainier?
I did eventually pick up my bike Kiss kiss, love! My family stayed home because the trip for someone with two kids on a bus was too traumatic. So, I ventured alone, hopped in a car2go and made my way north. Hey, their was some sports thing going on so I ended up stuck behind people who were more important than everyone else. I almost witnessed a family in an SUV almost hit a woman crossing the street with two little kids. Everyone in that scenario was dressed in that team sports stuff. What's with the rush? They were all going to the same place. I don't get it.

Oh but before I got the car I have to complain about the lovely on street sidewalk. This is a great place for drivers to plow into me. You see it? This is a problem. People pulling into the bank don't see you coming out of that hamster tunnel.

I think when I got to the shop I declared my feelings about sports stuff.

I drove a car, crazy!!
 I had some time to kill because my BionX needed to charge. I wanted to do a major shopping trip which included buying a Turkey at Trader Joe's. So, after some chit chat and learning about ways in which I can prevent wear and tear on my bike I asked to take something out for a ride. Look at me, trying to take a selfie. What am I riding?
I am really bad at taking pictures of myself

 I went out for a ride on the Haul-a-Day. You have time before the kick starter ends. When the bike came to Seattle I missed the test rides but got a good look at the bike at the 2014 Bike Expo. The bike even impressed Mr. Peyos. At the time pregnant hormones dictated that I wanted this bike. I promised no more bikes. We seem to buy more bikes but I promise not to torture everyone with my bikey dreams.  Then the kickstarter campaign appeared and all I can think it, "I bet someone in the house needs a bike". Who could that be? Well the giant daughter of the Viking offspring needs new wheels. She is close to five feet or she might already be that tall. I stopped looking.  I can dream. I went back to the shop and got to meet the owner of the orange Metrofiets. Cool!

So, after stopping at Trader Joe's for a dead animal I walked my bike through the Ballard Locks. It's so pretty.
 After racing my way along Elliot Bay I arrived down to bike near Big Bertha. You know, that gigantic hole that will slowly swallow that ugly viaduct. It's strange and exciting. I took the road. Nobody is here on Sunday.

I see a bike lane

 Here is the problem. This shared path is one of those ever changing paths. This path always looks different. From this vantage point you see the beautiful viaduct on my left. I drove there once and that was by mistake. Everyone in the car was traumatized. As I made my way down the road I was met by several people who didn't think bikes needed to be on their path. Whatever.
Defying death to avoid getting hit by cars
 This path is so confusing. Frankly, the road is so confusing. I love how this city really works on safety.
 I don't know what this is a picture of. I am also too lazy to turn it around. Blame, the thesaurus and vocabulary design class I took.
 Here is the most beautiful picture of all. What street is this? It's Rainier Ave!!!! FRACK!! I see a bike lane. It is so wide. I road on Rainier Ave. I do admit to biking on the sidewalk after I took this picture so I don't die.
Disastrous Relief Trial
For my finale, I had to get up the steps with my bike. My daughter calls this the disastrous relief trials. This requires that she holds the front of the bike straight while I lift the back. The neighbor saw the old way we did this and donated this ramp. After many times doing this we have a system and are pretty fast. We are so ready for the DTR Seattle 2015, just saying.


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