Put a menorah on it/How many bikes do I really own?

If you follow me on some kind of social media you might have seen my photo shopped bike menorah for almost every day of Chanukah. I might have given the impression that I own a ton of bikes. So, this is a good opportunity to go deeper behind the meaning of all those bikes and how I manged to bike them. Here goes, bike menorah by day;

1st Night Chanukah-The Bullitt Menorah

So, the genisis of the usage of the Bullitt bike happened when I posted Hvorfor Ikke? In Danish it means, "Why not?" It was my failed attempt at something that didn't happen but in the end this worked out for the best.   Someone in the Jewish community read my blog post about it and was happy to lend me one. Isn't that amazing!!  One day I picked up the bike and you get Bullitt at my Door. So, I borrowed the bike for an extended honey moon where I learned that the bike is fun but not really meant for me. My exploits are detailed in Bullitt in my Pocket (part 1 and part 2). I know some bloggers write pretty detailed technical aspects about a bike but I really need to know how soon I will ruin it. I am pretty hard on my bikes and this is always my main concern.

2nd Night Chanukah-Madsen Bike

Again, not my bike.  My adventures in renting this are chronicles in bad grammar and spelling here:

Adventures in Bike Rental Land

Electric Assist with no Assistance

Biking with an Electric Assist is Wonderful

Madsen Bike: Should you buy it?

3rd Night Chanukah: Workcycles Oma

This is my bike. This is the one I rode for three years of the 20 mile trek from down here in the Rainier Valley up to Capitol Hill every single day to take my kid to school. I don't know what I was thinking but let me tell you, I knew nobody biking, nor did the Facebok-Seattle Family Biking page exhist. So, I was kinda alone in my decisions to "cargo" bike in style. I love this bike. You might even see me biking with it too. At the time their were no such thing as a specific family bike shop. The closest we had was 20/20 in Capitol Hill just because they played soothing punk music and have the best My Little Pony puzzle. If you want to know where you can buy this beauty they still sell them at the Dutch Bike Company in Ballard but my guess they don't have a huge stock. Please correct me if I am wrong.

4th Night Chanukah/Shabbos
That day was so crazy. We didn't have a lot of time to make a menorah. Instead I was forced to take both kids with me on all my errands on Friday day. I will force you to look at the cuteness of my baby. He was happy to be out. We are pretty sure that "bi bi bi", means bike. This also means he knows that he can potentially go with me when I leave with my long hauling machine.

5th Night Chanukah: Fuji Bike

This is the bike I started on in Seattle. This was an internal 3 speed. What bike store tells you that 3 speed is enough in Seattle? Well, their is one that did! I think when an Orthodox religious family walks into certain bikes shops their is an automatic assumption that they don't want something real. Oh, they aren't really going to commit to biking. Ok, I learned to never shop there again but really don't judge our appearance on our knowledge or ability to bike. With that said, we were careful when purchasing any other bikes after this experience. So, if we bought a bike from you, it means you treated us like people. Thank you!

6th Night Chanukah: Workcycles Opa Bike

I got my act together and fancy. I added fake flames and my husband actually posed his bike next to the menorah set up by Chabad of Seattle. My husband is 6'5 so this is a bike I can't even get my leg over. I look hillarious next to it, like Frodo. In any case, this was bought at the Dutch Bike Company after my husband's bike was ruined when a woman drove her car right into him outside the Asian Counseling and Referral Services. His body was splayed across her windshield and he rolled off the hood, pulled his bike out from under the car and went to work. Looking back I wished he would have called the police because that elderly lady should not have been driving. Her family should know. As morbid as it is to think, "ah, maybe she is dead now".

8th Night Chanukah: Edgerunner Bike

Finally the bike I ride the most and for all different reasons. This is the bike I will be riding for a while. It has a been a year since owing the bike and it has really saved me. There you have it, your torture explained.


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