YOU'RE a BIG pain!!

36 MPH too slow?
You're SO really think this blog is about you.......

Ahh, I'm not talking about ANYONE! So, get over yourself. This blog is about me and my quest for cheese, gefilte fish, and bike lanes.

What's this pain? I am talking about my physical pain. Maybe I mentioned it before but I have sciatica which was the result of trying to birth the first kid. I am going to tell you. I tried. I was in labor so long. So, my back is out of wack and if I don't keep active then it slowly becomes inflamed and BAM, I am immobile. It is the worst feeling ever. How can this be? Since the baby I have been less active and so it has slowly been building until one Friday morning I was basically lying on the ground letting both kids use me as a jungle gym.

Let's backtrack. Before I reached this point I was without a bike because I took it on an Epic trip to Greenlake. I have another pain. Guess what, it's Rainier Ave.
The most recent crash we photographed. We have others SDOT! The tree was NOT HI-VIZ enough!
The week involved a lot but what I really wanted to do was attend the SDOT meeting on making Rainier Avenue safer. We have had a lot of car crashes on this street because of negligent, illness and plain fast driving. I've taken pictures and we have heard crashes from the house. A couple times we all walked down to Rainier to see if an ambulance or police needed to be called. Several of the accidents were caused when  people drove their cars into buildings. The news says cars but it is really the PEOPLE behind them.  I went to the first meeting and saw the proposal, which didn't really impress me. How are making Greenways suppose to slow down Rainier Ave? So, I have to use a greenway because people can't slow down on Rainier? That's the message I was getting. Getting around is not so easy. We have a lot of weird hills and some of them don't even have sidewalks.

This made me kinda mad and really discouraged that anything ON Rainier Ave will be done. As a person who bikes and walks, this sends a message that I need to: "get a car hippy". We don't own a car and I DON'T want one. Rainier Ave. is the flattest fastest route but a really dangerous too. The next meeting I missed because it was late and the baby needed me more. The 3rd meeting was located at the Ethiopian Community Center ON Rainier Ave. The most direct way, down Rainer Ave.

The older kid wanted to bike. I wanted to bike too but we haven't reached that point with the baby. The week before I bought a $20 stroller at Target because I am cheap and I know the baby will be on the bike very soon. I wasn't wasting $300 plus on something that is not easy to take on the bus but I will save that for another story. So, we did what I call "stroller biking".

Off we go. She is pretty fast on that bike, despite the single speed. I get really nervous when we get to a driveways, intersections or anything that allows the opportunity for drivers to hit her. I mean, you can't see her. She is wearing pink. NOT HI-VIZ enough!

Let me give you some examples where we are invisible.

This driver. Notice how I say "driver" and not "car". The "car" does not have a mind of it's own!

Turned right in front of us. Who cares. Pink is NOT HI-VIZ enough!

Then we have this guy. Happy family blocking our way and backing away from Paradise. 

By the time we reached the meeting the older kid forgot her lock and the baby was SO cranky. He though we were going on a wonderful walk, not a meeting. We got to hear the mayor declare something about making Rainier Ave more hospitable to everyone, including bikes.

 Does this mean hope for a cycletrack? Want to see people a whole bunch of people biking on Rainier Ave?

HELLO!!! Feel free to experiment here.  After that, their was whole lott of wiggling and plain not happiness. The older kid wanted to go, knowing that chicken soup awaited her after a long ride. So, we left. Before we did, we managed to take a look at SDOT's Collison Records for Rainier Ave. Take a look, not one single intersection has zero crashes. They all have some. I was suprised that Orcas and Rainier had a whopping 37 despite a red light camera. Rainier Ave Between Charlestown and S Andover had 51. Wow!

I am trying to be involved. Taking a baby to a meeting is hard. My kid wrote a letter describing her kid perspective. This was her answer to What else? Do you have other comments you would like to share with us? So, while we are waiting. If you drive a car, please so down because every single day I hear about some driver ramming their car into a building.

To add a bit of humor. We were told to take as many reflective key chains as we wanted. Never say that to me because I will take so many it will make your eyeballs roll. Plus, I would sew them onto some jacket and look awesome. For the record, we took 3 but at the next meeting watch out. I may take 5, oooooh!


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