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Baby on a Bike: Helmet training and beyond

I have waited 9 arduous months for this day. Actually it was sooner than you think but let's just say nine months.

Baby Peyos is a strong little person. From day one he was on the move, rolling wigglying, exercising his baby legs. He was born to move. So, I haven't been surprised at his physical strength. Of course, my baby is the most special of all but the pediatrician even agrees with me at ever visit. So, it's true or she just says that to take our money.

Our Portland adventure. The recap is here: Oh Portland!

When he was strong enough I put him here for fun. Excuse the mess, we had just moved in at that point. No bikes live here now because he is crawling, standing, attempting to climb. 
Just in case you didn't get a good look. Here he is brushing his teeth. We love that toothbrush. 
The first step in the baby bike journey is introducing them to the idea. On our trip to Portland Baby Peyos got to sit in a trike with his sister. He liked it. So after that we had di…