18 Biking years of Marriage

Our Feb. 14, 1997 we got married in Denmark. It was a secular wedding. (We later had the whole Jewish wedding but we don't seem to celebrate that day) It was not spectacular but whatever, it was entertaining. So, Saturday marked 18 years of officially being married on paper, haha. What did we do? Nothing. Both my kids got colds and we stayed up miserable with them. Sunday was a beautiful day and so instead of taking an anniversary ride together Mr. Peyos stayed home with both kids while I bike to Trader Joe's for our 2 month supply of kosher meat. We don't eat meat during the week so the little I buy last that long.

I decided to experiment and record video of me biking. Usually I post pictures but I thought you might like to see what it is like if I mounted the camera on the back of the Yepp seat. I also experimented by finding a spot to mount the camera on the front. My gift to you, two bumpy videos of me biking. I left the audio on so you can hear that I am not huffing and puffing. Occasionally I will sigh, most likely from just thinking about my week.


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