The indignity of biking

The idea most people have of a bike.
I really don't need a car for a lot of things. In fact, I try really hard to make things work so that we can just live our life without it. I have also given up on using ZipCar for anything. Being in a car with a baby who hates sitting backwards, no thanks.

I can carry this!
This leaves us in situations where I need to haul stuff. For a brief moment in my life I joined the Buy Nothing Group for my side of town. In the beginning it was okay but I saw red flags as I went on my merry way. Their were a couple of post in the beginning where I thought people were rude or snarky. Other than that, I was able to downsize my own belongings. In return I was able to acquire stuff too. In my attempt to get more furniture I would post that I was able and willing to pick up a book shelf NOW. I never told the gifter that I was bringing it home on a bike. Some people think bike=tiny Schwinn. When I arrived the owner was not phased I was going to bike it home on the bike and she had her very sweet daughter help me load it. I made my jolly way along Rainier Ave with a couple of cheers. Someone yelled, "What the hell is that?"

This only padded my ego for more biking hauling glory. I offered to bring a large item I wanted out so I offered to bring it to the lucky recipient. I got lost somewhere on Beacon Hill. I was lost so that picture was the point when I asked the Seattle Family bike people to save me from getting even more lost. Doesn't my phone have a map? Yes? See that hill. Can you see the ice? It was icy and I was not having a repeat of me rolling down a hill with a bike. No thanks. Sounds funny too.

Hauling furniture on a bike doesn't mean people will drive slowly around or even slow down. This just means I suffer the wrath of people in a rush. I wasted 10 seconds of life, the horror! It doesn't matter. You in your car are the most important human being in the world! While you are at it, go ahead and hit more pedestrians. How many more "accidents" have to happen?

I'm lost. Save me!

I carried big stuff on my bike, big deal. I don't know what happens but somehow doing this schelpping makes me visible to everyone but not when people decide to back their SUV into a tiny parking spot in Columbia City. Most recently I had a screaming fit when a woman backed her car up onto the curb of the sidewalk and very close to my bike. What was on my bike, more furniture? NO! My baby. Here is her car. She didn't want to get out because she was more brave in it than out. When she got enough huevos to get out she meekly said, "I'm sorry to scare you". So, my screaming was for nothing. Maybe I forgot to say I was screaming my eyeballs out. I had the baby strapped in his seat and was trying to unlock the bike. I'm not a fan of posting pictures of cars that "scare" me but I am really tired of drivers. Parking that SUV in a tiny spot is not worth running me over on the sidewalk.
This is not going to discourage me from biking. This will only make me take more pictures.

I now have a bookshelf in my list of things I carried on my bike. How exciting. What's next? Maybe a mattress. Remind you of anyone?


  1. People really seem to have no idea. I think that is more prevalent than actual malice. Seriously, everyone should have to ride a bike for a designated amount of time before sitting behind a wheel.
    Bike hauling is great. As yet, I've not done it on a cargo bike (that is to change when I give birth and build my Mundo), but today I went to the tip with some broken electricals, then returned from town with my shop and a stash of pocket nappies. Makes me feel like a superhero.

    1. Congratulations on biking with your belly baby, it's not always easy. People pass the driving test and forget how to drive. I love when people mistake my hand signals for me waving at them.

  2. Noooooo! And it was a box spring :P I would LOVE for you to carry a mattress and become the new face of beds-on-bikes-in-Seattle!!


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