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#Errandonnee 2015 with a baby

Baby Peyos was racking up the miles during this year's #Errandonnee challenge. On Monday he sat nicely for many miles. Okay so they weren't all at once but little errands. The first errand was a quick hello to the mythical Reb Roush. We have yet to meet so my goal is to meet her in real life. It has been one missed connection. Every time I manage to get myself over to where she is located she is either sick or on vacation! AWWWW!

The next errand required that my transit card get fixed. I loaded money on the card on March 1st and then when I decided to use it some days later it didn't even beep. Turns out the antenna was defective so we stood in line at the Metro office and waited nicely. Babies who just learned to walk LOVE standing in line. We stood for 15 minutes and my card got fixed.

The next errand required that we get from King Street station to Target off of 2nd/Pine. I had to find the beginning o the 2nd Ave. protected bike lane. This would be the first time for m…

#Errandonnee and Purim

I decided to buckle down and get things done. I hesitate sometimes because the baby and his schedule. Riding a bike with a baby is a new experience for me. The older kid started cargo biking with me when she was 3. Having a 10 year baby gap makes you forget about naps, diapers, nursing and overall making sure baby stays on a regular schedule, OR ELSE.

Baby Peyos is now 11 months. Erev Pesach will be his 1 year birthday. He does a lot now. He talks, walks, eats sushi and generally makes us dizzy with how demanding a small person can be. Okay, so I buckled down and set myself out to complete this years #Errandonnee Challenge. I've got goals and this is one of them. The first day happened to be Purim. I know everyone loves Purim but I don't love it because it is a day where rushing is the theme. Just because I am Jewish doesn't mean I have to love every mitzvah. Some of them are hard and this one is hard for me. This year I designed the day so that I wouldn't feel like m…

Baby's First Bike Show

The baby went to his first bike show. Maybe this isn't the first if you count him in my tummy last year. The plan was for the whole family to bike but we had an unexpected event. Mr. Peyos had to go away on business and so we imported my non-biking mother while he was gone and for when he returned. At first the plan was for me and Baby Peyos to bike to Century Link and meet up with my mom and daughter who were going to drive. I know, shocking. Instead plans got modified and I left the house alone on the bike and everyone else went in the car, including the car hating baby.
I got a chance to bike on the Beacon Hill Greenway. You know what, it's nice. For some reason it seems that the speed humps were improved and made more frequent. While biking I honestly thought this would be a good place to bring the older kid to bike.
The day was beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a nicer ride. Look at downtown!
Guess what, who won that race? I did! I waited a long time for them to sh…