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May is Bike Everywhere Month

Just like in years past, except last year, I joined the May Bike Challenge. As part of the emerging Seattle family bike community I now have people who will join a team with me. It's amazing!! In many ways this is motivating for me. I have been in a bike slump. Getting out of the house with two kids has proven challenging. The ever changing mood of a tween combined with the unpredictable nature of a 1 year old who walks, runs, states opinion, and then goes boneless is very challenging. So, I have limited my rides with both children for the most part.

So, I made a team. Here is our logo. Our motto: Family biking is all about unicorns and rainbows

Yes, it is cut and paste because sitting in front of the computer and cropping the bike, unicorn and rainbow was just too much sitting in front of the computer. I can't!! You can keep tabs and see our progress. I'm just saying, family biking is killing it this year. Out of 1,853 teams we are in the top 10.  So far I am happy with m…