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The shady side of the Yepp

Seattle gets two weeks of sun tops. Okay, sometimes it's more. The other day I went on a Kiddical Mass ride with the Seattle Southenders to Madrona beach. It was a whooping 4 cargo bikes. That's fine. We had a good time and a good laugh once we got to the beach. The baby threw 2 apples and had the best time. He also insisted that he drink someone's soda. A lot of "I want". Don't worry, nobody gave him soda. After the long ride I realized I needed to do something about maximizing shade for Baby Peyos. I don't need him angry because the sun is on him.

A long time ago I read the most inventive way to get a baby stroller canopy on to the bike seat. You Ain't Got Jack was the first place I read and learned about it. This was later duplicated by our very famous Madi in the saga of the Unappreciated rain shield. Remember when they were so little and not able to kick you?

So, I needed to attempt this. Well it took forever. In my postpartum non-biking I bough…