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Rainier Avenue Corridor Project/same old same old routes for me

If you follow me long enough, I have invested my time by going to the Rainier Avenue Corridor meetings. I brought my kids, went when I was tired. At one meeting I stood at the back with my kids and the baby, still small threw his apple at the mayor as he entered. This begins my career as an agitator right!

So, on July 30th SDOT finally came back to give the result of their fancy computer calculations. I was optimistic that finally we would get some change.

First, it was very hot in the building and for whatever reason the sound system was not set up properly. The only person with a voice the cranky people could hear was Bruce Harrell, bless him.

The meeting basically started with an overview of the project and reasons SDOT was taking safety seriously. It was a lot of information presented previously but it was necessary. Then a presentation of the "greenways" concept. Then their was a small presentation about Accessible Mt. Baker. This is an important component but at the f…