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Rainier Ave Protected Bike lane on the MOST DANGEROUS STREET in Seattle: In 3 easy steps!

First, you have to be really angry and feel trapped. It takes me about 6 miles to get to any kind of bike infrastructure. I am mostly talking about the Beacon Hill Greenway. I LOVE that route.  In order to get there you have to traverse the most dangerous street in Seattle RAINIER AVE. and bike monster hills (Remember my post about the Rainier Valley East-West Greenway?).

You also have to know, I don't just bike down to the street to get a bag of apples and bike home. I bike ALL over the city. I get tired and annoyed when people say they bike in their fancy north end bike infrastructure and then say they bike EVERYWHERE. You know what, none of you north end people ever bike down here to visit us. It was a miracle when I walked on Shabbos to watch your sweaty faces during the Disaster Relief Trials. I loved that race.

It has come to a point that the south end folks have banded together and are now working together. Some of us are biking together so people see us and some of us are…

Rainier Ave Protected Bike Lane (ONE DAY ONLY) September 18th

Don't freak out! It's for one day only. 

This Friday (September 18th, 2015) for PARK(ing) Day South Seattle Family Bicyclist will set up a protected bike lane. Check out the live link if you can't make it this south.

The lane will run from

Rainier Ave/39th Ave to Rainier Ave/42nd Ave. 

10am-6:30pm, Depending on staffing we might have to break down early. I know, sad but it's a big part of the day.

It will loop around to a crosswalk so that you can try it as much as possible. If you get tired of going up and down the street, BikeWorks will have a nice little lounge with snacks. SNACKS!!

What can you expect? Fun, maybe rain. Let's find out. I have yet to acquire a bubble machine. Everyone needs a bubble machine.

Lots of hours went into this and so many people put time and effort. Probably the best part was I got to speak to Jim Curtin at the SDOT office and discuss this plan and the current pilot Road Diet some people love to hate.

Initial work started and look at the …

RAINIER AVE PROTECTED BIKE LANE (One day special PARK(ing) Day 2015)


This will be a one day special for PARK(ing) Day: September 18th 2015

Join me as we laugh, cry, bike, wave, hula hoop. Oh, and BIKE many times on Rainier Ave.

I need your help. Its a big area. I can't do it by myself. My kids need naps and bedtimes.

I need people to help me staff the site.


East-West Rainier Valley Greenway coming soon/WorkOUT!

Maybe you have heard a lot of talk about Greenways. What is that? I can tell you how confusing it is. It has nothing to do with medical marijuana or making the environment more green. What we should be calling this is a neighborhood greenway. Now that we have the terminology clear let's get started.

Neighborhood Greenway: In Seattle, the city is working with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways to created streets that have low car volumes. When this happens a greenway can do the following:

Improve safetyHelp people get across the streetForce drivers from using these streets as speedway shortcutsIt provides a nice calm route to places people want to go: parks, schools, stores, restaurants It's a first, but south Seattle is in the process of building one. Right now it is under construction! People who live on this section have not been paying attention and really don't know. I have had to explain it over and over to puzzled looks. I somehow wonder if the hilly route has people conf…