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Don't fall in that pothole! Vote YES on Prop 1

I was going to update you on my epic adventures but I need to stop and be POLITICAL for a minute. Oh no! Is she going to discuss Bengazi or Bernie? Nope, I ain't.

What I am going to talk about? Prop 1. What is it? It's a Levy asking all of us to fund the road. Oh no!! Don't make me pay $12 a month on improvements. I already spend $150/month on coffee because I can't brew my own, lazy.

A lot of media has circulated how we should all vote NO. Let's go deeper in the mind of the no.

So, a lot of people are saying that it's not transparent, we don't know where the money is going
Where is the money going to go. In one word, ROADS. The very road you drive your beep beep on. Did someone tell you that the money was just going to fund evil bicyclist? Well, look at it. Sad to say, Seattle Times actually had a very nice graphic. I know, Seattle Times, ughh.

Are you too lazy to click that link. Here, I did the work for you.

Where it the biggest chunk going? ROADS for y…

Seattle Central District Greenway Phase 1/#Coffeneuring trip 3

As required by the law of #coffeneuring I must make my trip to find coffee somewhere. A plain black  cup of coffee is really a lost art. People put too much junk in it to even taste the coffee goodness. So, when you ask for a plain cup give me something good, don't just make  mediocre coffee. With that said, let's get to our adventure.

I decided to try the Central District Greenway. So far Phase I is mostly completed. Let's get to mostly.

In order to get to the beginning I have to get through and around my hood where we have ZERO bicycle infrastructure. NOTHING! I thought I should remind you just in case you missed it the first time. I have to bike on part of Rainier Ave that is poo. So I make it to the beginning of Phase I (Jackson/25th). I managed to get there by biking north on 31st, which is fun once you get to the top and you can wheeee all the way down Jackson. I made sure to be careful because the road was wet and kinda slippery. I love the woman sweeping all the le…

#Coffeeneuring 2015: Ride 1 & 2

I love a good challenge, especially one that motivates me to get out of the house. So, for the last two weeks I have been #Coffeeneuring on Sundays. I have managed to keep up with the challenged, only 5 more weekends to go.

Did I have a theme within a theme? I truly wanted to have a theme. I was thinking "chia". I find chia pets and chia food fascinating.

October 4th, 2015 :
I know, it was erev Yom Tov, I am totally insane. Let me take a relaxing ride with one of the more temperamental kids. Who am I talking about? In this case, it is the toddler. He is like a wildcard. I never know. So, Mr. Peyos brought him out to the bike, buckled him in and wave bye bye. Where can we enjoy a refreshing drink, tea for me and chocolate milk for him? Columbia City PCC has a nice selection of tea. So, I guzzled mine and watched the little guy look sleepy. Uh no, there goes our plan to sit at a park and enjoy our chia crackers.

Before and after #coffeeneuring. Don't you hate it when your …