#Coffeeneuring 2015: Ride 1 & 2

oooh, just needs a unicorn
I love a good challenge, especially one that motivates me to get out of the house. So, for the last two weeks I have been #Coffeeneuring on Sundays. I have managed to keep up with the challenged, only 5 more weekends to go.

Did I have a theme within a theme? I truly wanted to have a theme. I was thinking "chia". I find chia pets and chia food fascinating.

October 4th, 2015 :
I know, it was erev Yom Tov, I am totally insane. Let me take a relaxing ride with one of the more temperamental kids. Who am I talking about? In this case, it is the toddler. He is like a wildcard. I never know. So, Mr. Peyos brought him out to the bike, buckled him in and wave bye bye. Where can we enjoy a refreshing drink, tea for me and chocolate milk for him? Columbia City PCC has a nice selection of tea. So, I guzzled mine and watched the little guy look sleepy. Uh no, there goes our plan to sit at a park and enjoy our chia crackers.

Too late. Do you like his lumberjack outfit? He loves having his socks like that. Don't even try to fold them down, he will throw a tantrum. He is ready to be declared an old man.  So, I biked us home and our total mileage came to an astounding 3.5 miles. WOW, impressive, heh.

October 11, 2015
In between my bike lane stunt and other stuff I did something that has NEVER ever happened. I POOPED, I mean popped a tire. I was trying to make my way home at super lightning speed at night, rounded a corner and pooped my tire. Since receiving the bike in 2013 I had yet to change a flat or pop anything. It's a miracle!
Unfortunately all they could do was change the tube. Turns out I had a HUGE gash in my tire and I have been riding around like that since September 6th. ACK!!

I always try to make a social ride but nobody ever wants to ride with me, whaaaa. I got on my trusty fast bike (I'm not talking about the Edgerunner) and made the uphill ride to 20/20 Cycles in Capitol Hill.  I can't tell you how much I love that shop. In any case, more on my love later, let's get back to coffee. Did you know that people who drink black coffee are more likely to be psychopaths. WHAT? It's true, because I read it on the internet. Everything on the internet is true!  Here I am drinking black coffee because, "soy loca"
I have a tire around my neck. What is going on? Oh but that's the tire for the Edgerunner so I don't endanger myself any longer.  The fast bike stayed with the bike shop and I walked to Trader Joe's. I was bummed. As I was leaving I saw a gleaming green, it wasn't pot. It was a Cycle Pronto. I really want to try those.

They have a surprising low height range. Short people can ride this bike! WOW. I biked down Pine through Westlake and then turned on to the 2nd Ave Bikeway. I "docked" the bike at International where I became super paranoid it wasn't locked. It's interesting how the green light displays for locking and unlocking. It took me twice to pull on the bike to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. On my way through Westlake I also almost got smooshed by a driver because waiting behind me as a rider utilizing the complete lane was stupid. Somehow bullying me to move closer to parked cars was better for them. Who cares about me? I'm not human! Sadly, I do not have this on camera, it failed to film this.

In any case, no chia was acquired in the second trip. No chia pet, chia smoothie, chia cookie. I failed my theme within a theme.

I think my new theme will be "desperate for coffee". I know this trip was more than 2 miles because Capitol Hill is not even a hop skip and jump, so I completed that requirement. Next week, my hope to find a new place to drink coffee.


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