Don't fall in that pothole! Vote YES on Prop 1

That time I biked on the street ON the Ballard Bridge. Let's NOT fix this.

I was going to update you on my epic adventures but I need to stop and be POLITICAL for a minute. Oh no! Is she going to discuss Bengazi or Bernie? Nope, I ain't.

What I am going to talk about? Prop 1. What is it? It's a Levy asking all of us to fund the road. Oh no!! Don't make me pay $12 a month on improvements. I already spend $150/month on coffee because I can't brew my own, lazy.

A lot of media has circulated how we should all vote NO. Let's go deeper in the mind of the no.

So, a lot of people are saying that it's not transparent, we don't know where the money is going
Where is the money going to go. In one word, ROADS. The very road you drive your beep beep on. Did someone tell you that the money was just going to fund evil bicyclist? Well, look at it. Sad to say, Seattle Times actually had a very nice graphic. I know, Seattle Times, ughh.

Are you too lazy to click that link. Here, I did the work for you.

Where it the biggest chunk going? ROADS for you car! Don't let the bridge fall on you or from under you while you enjoy total and complete freedom in your car.

What else? Infrastructure to get stupid bicyclist off your ROADS

and...ROADS! Getting people off your special road so you can drive you car in complete freedom.

ROADS! Re-timing the lights so you can press down the accelerator and crash into another beauty salon. 

more.. ROADS! Especially to bring in those "Made in not USA" automobile parts to fix your car.

What is so hard to understand? It's about the friggin ROAD where you drive. What is so hard to understand? Oh wait, you need to do more internet research. Let me help you, I have an almost degree in library science. Type...type...type...keyword search (the only advanced way to do REAL research)...found it!

OMG!! What happened. Well, it rhymes with "pinche way". One person is on a personal campaign to get you to vote no. ONE person. As of today 10/28/2015 and additional $175,000 on this NO campaign. Why are you trusting one person with all the money? Think for a minute people. Isn't everyone against the 1%, the "man". I mean, look! $325,000 could get one a wild party or do real good in the community. How many tiny houses would that fund for the homeless at Nicklesville? Not only would you give someone a home but you would give kids skills. I thought I would give you the most adorable picture ever. Why is she in the road? It's so dangerous. WHY?? Someone is able to teleport and not telling.

In the meantime, keep doing your "helpful" keyword searches and complain on Facebook local pages. I will be over here teaching kids mad teleporting skills!.


Don't let the 1% win!


  1. ¡Canija!... pareces de ser la nueva.. "paco taibo2/belem guerrero/comadre del pueblo". Kudos y animo, your shedding light in making "the call". Claro, I see one can see it. Chekalo @ (Q estes bien -pedro)


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