Seattle Central District Greenway Phase 1/#Coffeneuring trip 3

As required by the law of #coffeneuring I must make my trip to find coffee somewhere. A plain black  cup of coffee is really a lost art. People put too much junk in it to even taste the coffee goodness. So, when you ask for a plain cup give me something good, don't just make  mediocre coffee. With that said, let's get to our adventure.

I decided to try the Central District Greenway. So far Phase I is mostly completed. Let's get to mostly.

In order to get to the beginning I have to get through and around my hood where we have ZERO bicycle infrastructure. NOTHING! I thought I should remind you just in case you missed it the first time. I have to bike on part of Rainier Ave that is poo. So I make it to the beginning of Phase I (Jackson/25th). I managed to get there by biking north on 31st, which is fun once you get to the top and you can wheeee all the way down Jackson. I made sure to be careful because the road was wet and kinda slippery. I love the woman sweeping all the leaves into the road. Thank you!

Now that we can be certain that I did not fall off my bike while making a right on to 25th I was surprised and pleased to find a brewery on the corner. Sadly they were not open because I would have happily had a beer at this point than another cup of coffee. Mr. Peyos already made me a cup of coffee so I was set.! They were closed but the outdoor seating was covered and looked inviting. I can't wait to go back with Mr. Peyos and our kids. 

I'm off.....

My all time favorite part were these buttons in the street so I don't have to park the bike like a maniac, run and press the button and return to my bike. When you press the button, suddenly lights flash, and rainbows are displayed to mark you as the most important person crossing the street. No rainbows but the flashing lights were fun. Thank you for making me look less crazy, at least here. Around Rainier Ave. I have perfected my technique and either utalized the older kid to press the crosswalk button or dismount my bike and run to press it myself. I know, my bike could trigger the sensor, NOPE! Doesn't always work. 

Everything is fine until I get to the section where I have to turn on E. Columbia. Put a street sign there. I had no idea that it was E. Columbia until I turned and saw the street sign a block later. Then you have to get across 23rd Ave. Say a prayer during the week because, GOOD LUCK. The fancy button is not here yet because 23rd Ave. still under construction. This rules out using it with my daughter on her own bike. The best solution will be to turn right on 23rd, ride north until Union and cross the street to rejoin the Greenway. 

I'm confused....
Why would I want to do that detour? Well, you want to press another bike button of course, this one gets you across Union. It's a big middle finger to the people driving west on Union because that means they HAVE to stop. I pressed the button and waited. This caused so much confusion. A guy who had the green driving on Union seemed so perturbed by my waiting, he stopped and waved me through. You know what? I was not going to go. I was waiting for my light for me to go.
I was talking to the pedestrian to my left so I didn't take a great picture of my bike beg button. 

My destination: Ada's Technical Books. I wanted to try my luck at coffee. Not to be mean but it was not all that desirable. I know he used a cone but I get cone coffee all the time at home from Mr. Peyos and he makes an excellent cup. My guess, I was suppose to fill my coffee with sugar, creamer and more sugar. Yes? Oh well, I got to look around the store and try to find the database book I never found. 

I ended up dropping the coffee and had to search for a garbage can. Where are all the garbage cans in Capitol Hill?? WHERE!!!

Mr. Peyos was excited about this comic book. I didn't buy it but showed him the picture once I got home. After this I did boring stuff and went home. The total millage was about 25 miles. I went all the way to the end of Phase 1 of the Greenway where it goes past Safeways, across Madison and ends at Thomas. 

My final impression, this thing is not done. Safeway is like a death wish. NO WAY would I bike on that wonky section with my kid. It needs more barriers and spikes to prevent idiots turning from 23rd into the greenway fast, which is what happened. I had expected this so I was prepared but some people are going to think this is a nice way to go and BLAMO here comes the beep beep metal machine keeping a person captive inside. 

HUH? You can't see it? 23rd Ave. is the vertical line going north south. Hey, let me take a short cut and turn on E. Olive because I am way too important to go another way. SDOT is going to play mind games with you because they put a stop sign you will run it because YOU DONT' CARE. What's that weird poo thing that looks like a foot print?

It's a diverted. HAHAHAHAHAHA, Barf!

Shut up Shirley! It's not done. AWWWWW, I want to love it but I give it the following narrative evaluation in the style of UC Santa Cruz

Grasp of Forms: Fuggggggg...Fair
Skill in Executing: Good, no SDOT employees were harmed or run over (I think?)
General Comments: It has a fair start but needs to be finished for me to actually go all wacko on this evaluation. 

On a side note: Mr. Peyos's Master's Degree is signed by Arnold, the Governator. We should frame that. 



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