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My Cheshbon of 2015

What's a cheshbon? It's a Hebrew word that means an accounting. So, here I am about to make a cheshbon about  2015.

I know I've been busy, so busy to the point I neglect to even write something once a week. The funny doesn't come out of me all the time. I try to make my issues funny but some subjects are hard to make funny.

Cheshbon List 2015
1. My garden suffered because of my bike activism. By full growing season I had some plants but not much to show for it. In 2016 I promise to grow more. I even started by cleaning up the garden this past Sunday when it started snowing on me. Yes, it snowed but didn't stick.

2. I want to blog more. It's hard, really, really hard. Having a tween and a toddler with no "buffer children" and that makes everything hard. So, 2015 was not my bloggiest year. Let's hope 2016 is better. I didn't even blog about my tweens epic adventure. She biked from home to UW then to Gas Works park and then home to the Rainier Val…

N-S Rainier Valley Greenway/Ride to Hell TWICE

I don't have a lot of time for anything. I have no idea why I am sitting here writing this. I should be doing something but my toddler is content playing with his toys.
As you know, I am not kidding when I want a protected bike lane on Rainier Ave. I'M NOT KIDDING!!

In order to prove a point I decided to convince someone from SDOT to take a joy ride with my bike gang here in south Seattle.  We are a hard core group of people with loud mouths and not afraid to say what's on our mind. We area also not scared by hills, wildlife (broken car parts) or getting shot in the butt. Yes, that happens.
How did I manage that? I go to meetings, specifically the ones about road changes. If you don't go to them you are not allowed to complain on Facebook pages with things like, "I didn't know?", "Why was the community not involved?". This is a common strategy in between the rants about how someone put their coat at a table at …

I have an email ADDRESS..WHAT HAVE I DONE?

In the interest of NOT clogging up my email with a combo of stuff I have created an email for bike advocacy stuff.

I am now wading in the waters of bike advocacy.

Here is my email if you want to know the following:

-Hey, when are we going to get a protected bike lane on Rainier Ave.

-You want to tell me your harrowing story about trying to bike in the Rainier Valley and not die.

-You want to donate to FamilyBike. You know you want to.

Don't bother me with anything else, I will ignore you!

Shirley/No Spandex Required

nospandexreq at gmail dot com

Give Big to FamilyBike

My entry into cargo biking began alone. My daughter was 3 and I had a internally geared 3 speed bike. I know, who rides on that with a trailer? I did. I didn't know any other person who was biking with kids on the crazy hills and Seattle Family Facebook wasn't even a thing. On a particular Friday in 2008 I was biking East through Sam Smith park making my way to the I-90 tunnel and there she was. Who? Morgan Scherer. We were in a hurry to get home for Shabbos but her and her bike fascinated me. Did I finally meet someone who also bikes with kids? YES! That brief encounter always stuck with me. On all my rides I was motivated knowing she was out there riding with kids.

I was motivated to ride from that brief encounter. Later on I found her again through BikeWorks. This time I had a reason to track her down. Turns out Morgan was head/person in charge of a non-profit called FamilyBike. Don't confuse it with FamiyRide. I know.

After paying my dues and killing myself biking wit…