Give Big to FamilyBike

So proud, bike up 31st Ave. S. Downtown Seattle in the background.

My entry into cargo biking began alone. My daughter was 3 and I had a internally geared 3 speed bike. I know, who rides on that with a trailer? I did. I didn't know any other person who was biking with kids on the crazy hills and Seattle Family Facebook wasn't even a thing. On a particular Friday in 2008 I was biking East through Sam Smith park making my way to the I-90 tunnel and there she was. Who? Morgan Scherer. We were in a hurry to get home for Shabbos but her and her bike fascinated me. Did I finally meet someone who also bikes with kids? YES! That brief encounter always stuck with me. On all my rides I was motivated knowing she was out there riding with kids.

I was motivated to ride from that brief encounter. Later on I found her again through BikeWorks. This time I had a reason to track her down. Turns out Morgan was head/person in charge of a non-profit called FamilyBike. Don't confuse it with FamiyRide. I know.

After paying my dues and killing myself biking with a trailer and the heavy Oma bike I came to the realization that I needed a cargo bike. In order to help me make this decision I rented a Madsen from FamilyBike. I had a joyful two weeks of fun.

You can rent this too, it's FUN!
Much like me, FamilyBike other people have a similar story. FamlyBike has paved the way for people to decided what works for them.

Not only that but FamilyBike has leads rides throughout the city for FREE, helping others to meet each other, encouraging us to bike more.

So, why so much about FamilyBike?

For one, I am now on the Board of Directors. Hooray for me!

Also, I want you to give tzedakah (charity). It's good for you. Currently we are in search of awesome people who want to encourage more biking. Become part of our Sustainer's Circle. Yes, I am a a sustainer. You can give small amounts per month. How about $18 for month? CHAI! Let's get FamilyBike running so others can enjoy biking.

Click on the link and choose your level.

If you enter today (DECEMBER 1st) you get prizes!!! Everyone wants prizes! Even if you don't get prizes you can get discounts. Everyone wants discounts. In the end we will have a party for all Sustainers! Here is the low down:

10 Reasons to join the Familybike Sustainer Circle by December 1st:
10. You want to get more people biking, and know that Familybike’s programs are effective!
9.  You can’t wait to be entered into the drawing for prizes from 20/20 Cycles and the Electric Lady.
8.  You want to save money at G&O Family Cyclery! This family-focused bike shop (and more soon!) is showing their support by giving 10% discounts to members of the Sustainer Circle.
7.  Donating a small amount monthly is unnoticeable to you, but has a big effect on Familybike Seattle’s effectiveness.
6.  You want to join your friends at the Familybike Sustainer Circle THANK YOU PARTY at the end of January, 2016!
5.  You are a family biker, and know that supporting the one organization dedicated to your needs just makes sense.
4.  You like the feeling of coming together as a community to support something visionary.
3.  You know that Familybike is a young organization with a big impact, and you want to see what new projects can happen with some funding!
2. You believe that biking can save the world, and want to support an organization that believes that too.
1. You’ve rented a bike from the sliding scale rental fleet, ridden a Kidical Mass ride, taken a workshop, or enjoyed the bounty at a Family Bike Expo, (or want to!), and want to make sure these valuable services are available into the future and to a wider community!
You will help to maintain our existing bikes and hopefully in the future get more bikes. Rentals are on a sliding scale, people are not turned away if they can't afford to rent, family biking needs to be accessible, right! Check out all our sweet rides. We even have a Haul-a-Day. OOOOH!


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