My Cheshbon of 2015

What's a cheshbon? It's a Hebrew word that means an accounting. So, here I am about to make a cheshbon about  2015.

I know I've been busy, so busy to the point I neglect to even write something once a week. The funny doesn't come out of me all the time. I try to make my issues funny but some subjects are hard to make funny.

Cheshbon List 2015

He was very terrified of this. Somehow cucumbers were fine.
1. My garden suffered because of my bike activism. By full growing season I had some plants but not much to show for it. In 2016 I promise to grow more. I even started by cleaning up the garden this past Sunday when it started snowing on me. Yes, it snowed but didn't stick.

That time my kid kicked butt and biked more miles than adults
2. I want to blog more. It's hard, really, really hard. Having a tween and a toddler with no "buffer children" and that makes everything hard. So, 2015 was not my bloggiest year. Let's hope 2016 is better. I didn't even blog about my tweens epic adventure. She biked from home to UW then to Gas Works park and then home to the Rainier Valley. It helped we had friends along for the ride. Yes, she biked with the backpack the WHOLE TIME. It drives me nuts!

Riding the Rainier Valley Greenway as test experiments, not fun bike rides :(

Our pedestrian portrait. 

Ridiculous things we do when we are pedestrians

3. Ride my bike with kids every single day, except Shabbos. We had days this years where I was too pooped to figure out rain gear, baklava, shoes, snacks, blah blah blah. No, we didn't drive. I'm not crazy, we walked. My kids are great walkers. Walking requires all those items but at least I don't have to pack my disaster relief scenario on a bike because I basically do that every single time we bike.  They would win at kid walking races. Even the toddler is good to walk/run a mile. We are going to bike more but it requires I get organized.

Which window is she in? I was catching a train to Portland so no time to chat
4. I made it a whole year without meeting Reb Roush. Who is she and why do I want to meet her? Shouldn't I be satisfied that we are FB "friends", I follow her on Twitter and I have her cell number? I really enjoy looking and reading her Seattle Bicycle Portraits. When you look at bike propaganda it seems like the same 5 people are always highlighted, BORING. Her blog shows all the people who bike and all the kinds of bikes people have. I love that. Seattle is a city full of interesting people. I like seeing it in pictures. What makes this worse is that one day she encountered my husband with his bike. My husband likes to have is anonymity and refused his own Bicycle Portrait. Mr. Peyos has a really nice bike he loves. Oh well.

If you get one of these on your bike the other side has my info
5. Organize myself better. Mr. Peyos is really organized. He does it all. He's the modern Renaissance Man. I don't know how he does it. I actually do and should work on myself. Here's to better organization, which means I ordered business cards. 2015 put me in situations where I was writing my contact information on tiny pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper scream, "Take me seriously!"

Now that I have done a full cheshbon it looks like I need to get organized!

Oh and if I don't say it enough @SDOT, PUT A PROTECTED BIKE LANE ON RAINIER AVE.


  1. Shirley, I hope you meet Reb Roush in 2016! She's awesome. And if I were to do a cheshbon for 2015, it would include that I met Shirley Savel, formerly known by me only as No Spandex Required. We WILL get that bike lane on Rainier.

  2. put on your big girl pants and ride!

  3. Fabulosos viajes, que valiente! no sé si hay muchas familias tan talentosas como la tuya.


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