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Portland as Pedestrians

We bike, you know!! Did you also know that we use are legs and feet to get around too? This is why I drink the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Cool Aid! I want safer streets for walking too. While biking works very well for us we like to walk. Our kids are good walkers and the older kid has friends who see walking and biking as way to get around the city. So, we have done well. I'm still waiting for teen bike rejection syndrome to set in.

So, what do we to do for fun? We went to Portland for a few days on vacation in December.
We choose our vacations at times when nobody thinks to travel, right after Chanukah. As the great walkers we walked to the Light Rail to catch the Amtrak train. Why didn't we take our bikes? Amtrak is not a position where cargo bikes are allowed on the train. Space doesn't allow longer/weird bikes. That's a battle for another time. My Edgerunner could fit in the bottom of a Bolt bus bus I tried busing to Portland already and it was not for me.


Rainier Ave: The best place to crash your car into buildings

Since I must nag forever I finally managed another bike ride: Riding on Rainier Ave Ride #3.
If you want to know where Rides 1 and 2 are CLICK HERE.

Rainier Valley N-S Greenway with special protected bike lane rides....GO..

We had special appearances by two SDOT representatives. One of them was Jim Curtin, ooohhh...special! (I do have to interrupt this and say that Cathy Tuttle at Seattle Neighborhood Greenways does a lot of smooth talking to convince anyone to bike on the caca routes with me. She's like magician.)

I've been looking at my own riding on Strava and here it is in full glory. The flat parts are Rainier Ave. In total the Greenway route is 6.1 miles from Rainer Beach. We have families who live there and Anna's tween had to ride from Rainier Beach to the starting point which for her takes about 45 minutes. My own tween takes an hour. We tried it once. So to get to the norther point of the Greenway would be maybe an hour ride just to get to separate bike infrastruc…