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When you ride a bike you end up talking to more people than if you drive a car. It's hard not to get stopped by pedestrians. With every bike we have stopped to talk to strangers. You know what happens with this? You end up building community, people know you, they look out for you, they wave. Sometimes people stop their cars just to roll down the window and wave because we met at some point when you weren't in your car.

For the most part people in the south Seattle make me feel safe because we have a connection from meeting without the car barrier.

As short as this is, I want to thank everyone who says hi, shares their stories and is willing to engage me in a kind way. You know what's killing everything the car barrier.

Hello Rainier Valley, thanks for building community!

Misadventures as Pedestrians

We are also pedestrians and sadly I had a slight mishap with my Edgerunner and it needs mechanical care. Don't worry, we are okay. In any case, while I try to manage a day to exchange parenting duties with Mr. Peyos, we will be pedestrians.

I can't stop our daily task because I am without a cargo bike so we manage with either a stroller or a baby carrier. This also forces Mr. Peyos to do all our grocery shopping which I don't mind at all.

I need to make a cushion for a cargo bike so this forces me to make a choice. Take public transit to a fabric shop north or east. I choose east because I really like Pacific Fabrics but it forces me into a section of town that is a car sewer and the location of all the sportsball activities.

We get out at the SODO light rail stop and proceed to walk north on 4th Ave. See the red dot, Pacific Fabrics. 4th has a sidewalk but it's used as multi use car sewer.

See the shop right in front of Pacific Fabrics? Parked on the sidewalk, blockin…

PDX vs SEA Swing Gates: Who will win?

I hate being called a MANSPLANER. I'm am NOT. Most recently BikePortland featured an articled about how hard it is to open the swing gates across TriMet's tracks. The video of the the person in the wheelchair should have been enough to convince anyone that these gates are bad. What happens when people with front loading cargo bikes try to get across?

The task is not easy. Watch the video:

@TinyHelmets is so flexible and strong. When I see something like this I wonder how I would manage this exact scenario. Taking little kids out of the bike to maneuver is not helpful at all. So, if I would have to do this with a front loading bike I would also keep the kids in. Plus, it's raining. That only would add to the drama. I know. Then someone commented how this whole thing was exaggerated and how she was doing it wrong. Oh yeah!! You try it. Worse part, I commented. This resulted in me being called a MANSPLANER.

Why do people claim they can do anything better when they have ZERO e…

How was your bikey week?

We have gotten out of the house but now we are all suffering from some kind of cold that gives you a massive headache. Mr. Peyos got it first so I will just say that it was transmitted via his work office. Thanks work office sick people.

Monday: We biked to the library so it wasn't that far. Same old Rainier Ave.

Tuesday: We were pedestrians. We walked to the light rail and then experimented with the new Capitol Hill Streetcar line. Since I was wearing rain boots I slipped while trying to take a picture. It was humorous but left me with a bruise on my right leg.

The ride was smooth but the space that is suppose to contain bicyclist, wheelchairs and possibly caregivers with strollers is small. When we got on the streetcar a woman with a jogger stroller was also boarding. Two elderly women were sitting in the handicapped area and another woman was bringing her bike on board. Due to the nature of my toddler I have to stand strategically in places or he will try to pick or poke at what…