How was your bikey week?

Outsiders looking in
We have gotten out of the house but now we are all suffering from some kind of cold that gives you a massive headache. Mr. Peyos got it first so I will just say that it was transmitted via his work office. Thanks work office sick people.

Monday: We biked to the library so it wasn't that far. Same old Rainier Ave.

Tuesday: We were pedestrians. We walked to the light rail and then experimented with the new Capitol Hill Streetcar line. Since I was wearing rain boots I slipped while trying to take a picture. It was humorous but left me with a bruise on my right leg.

Let's get more strollers and bikes here, what will happen?
The ride was smooth but the space that is suppose to contain bicyclist, wheelchairs and possibly caregivers with strollers is small. When we got on the streetcar a woman with a jogger stroller was also boarding. Two elderly women were sitting in the handicapped area and another woman was bringing her bike on board. Due to the nature of my toddler I have to stand strategically in places or he will try to pick or poke at whatever he can. Standing next to the wheelchair access button is a bad bad idea. So, the resulting picture is him in the wheelchair area away from stuff. To bad the chairs don't fold and the design was configured differently.

He's probably thinking where he can throw that ambulance
We also got to kinda hear the mayor give his blah blah about the opening of the new Light Rail stops. March 19th. Which means, we will maybe try it March 20th or if it's bad, Monday with all the commuters. I'm pretty excited about trying with the girl tween group. Let's pack a ton of moody girls on the light rail with their bikes. I'm excited. The toddler had taken off his rain boots and threw them a few times at that gate. We must look crazy. The final time he threw one in a puddle and this meant I had to buy him shoes that weren't wet inside. I'm not sure why he has to always throw stuff when we are in public. I suppose had someone let us in he would have aimed for the mayor or worse, the countdown poster.

It's not a picture of the bike but of Chicano Batman, better than gringo Batman
Wednesday: I biked to Capitol Hill to visit my build-a-bike project and was given the option to take it home while we wait for a bike part that will be switched out later. I can't tell you how tempting that was. It was also my first time really biking the bike around other than to Interlaken and back to 20/20 Cycle. I even used the future Central District Greenway. I'm kicking myself for not bring the bike home, awwww.

The Light Rail which means I stand here with my bike

Thursday: I almost biked over a pedestrian and got yelled out. Oh GAWWWWW.  Downtown 2nd Ave has an okay protected bike lane. Right now construction is everywhere so I hate biking there but in the interest of saving time and trying to pick up my daughter after her class I needed to make a quick trip. I was biking west on 2nd Ave and thought I would be smart and bike until it ends and make a right on Pike because I do bike on the street.
See the woman waiting in the crosswalk
The right on Pike resulted in me turning into a stray pedestrian. How does this happen? Well, the construction bike tunnel ends abruptly at the crosswalk. What this does, it gives pedestrians and extra area to stand and sometimes people just stand right in the crosswalk blind spot. Don't worry, I didn't hit anyone because I go slow. I just got chewed out which doesn't bother me. Okay, next time. I will bike better.
I know people hate to wait but seriously, right in front of the bike hole opening?
BUT.....This corner needs a pedestrian buffer so that bicyclist coming out of the tunnel have a better line of sight to see so this doesn't happen to someone who bikes fast.

Aww, so last week was productive and I got some exciting falling and almost crashing action. Horray for me. Biking and walking and some transit works and that's what keeps us car free.


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