Misadventures as Pedestrians

We are also pedestrians and sadly I had a slight mishap with my Edgerunner and it needs mechanical care. Don't worry, we are okay. In any case, while I try to manage a day to exchange parenting duties with Mr. Peyos, we will be pedestrians.

"Hey Mommy, something just fell off your bike" UGHHH
I can't stop our daily task because I am without a cargo bike so we manage with either a stroller or a baby carrier. This also forces Mr. Peyos to do all our grocery shopping which I don't mind at all.

I need to make a cushion for a cargo bike so this forces me to make a choice. Take public transit to a fabric shop north or east. I choose east because I really like Pacific Fabrics but it forces me into a section of town that is a car sewer and the location of all the sportsball activities.

Multi-use car sewer, I meant 4th Ave.
We get out at the SODO light rail stop and proceed to walk north on 4th Ave. See the red dot, Pacific Fabrics. 4th has a sidewalk but it's used as multi use car sewer.
This map makes it easy

See the shop right in front of Pacific Fabrics? Parked on the sidewalk, blocking sidewalk, backing up into the sidewalk are the vehicles from a metal works. I had to scream so that we weren't plowed over by the guy with the forklift. I love love Pacific Fabrics but I HATE getting there.  The need for discounted foam outweighed common sense to attempt this by foot. This would have been worse by bike as this place has nothing solid to lock my bike to.

Discounted foam
After surviving a fabric store with a toddler we walked to find the new stage/creative space made for everyone but first we need to get across the street. Watch the video because you will see all the problems I see with this space, especially the amazing views the newscasters will receive.

Our walk there required we get across a road that is so wide but the second we are in the crosswalk we get 15 seconds. It's laughable. 4th has a high volume of large trucks. I would never ride my bike on the road here. I always find conversations with people who have to get to this area interesting. It must be mentally exhausting.

It's hard not to miss El Macho (Minions reference) in that poster.
Signs are blocking the corner so we could have instant car death. Luckily I am a bit paranoid and scan that corner with my lazer eyes, ready to throw a banana at your car. We survived but what I really wanted to do was check out the plaza that is outside that video you watched.

We like it so much we sit and enjoy the view but not without noticing what is across the street. I won't go into details but it has nothing to do with sport, news or online games. Nobody catches me touching the art. Those red things are flexible and I wonder if the function was to hide what really was across the street.

Plaza protection
I get the impression that the plaza was designed to have certain protection from the elements, like a random car suddenly making it's way there. See those planters. They were pretty solid.

You are allowed to watch It's a New Day but not listen

See what I'm talking about? King5, why did you cover the window? How will you see my advocacy signs now? You ruined my day! Just kidding. It would take a lot to ruin my day. 

We survived the stroad of death and manged to walk from here to downtown. I will be back King5 or someone worse will come along and do a little dance on that cement block protecting your studio from mindless metal machines. 

Covering your windows won't stop me!


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