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Mini Blog Post: Crash

This is mini blog post #3. It's a series I started just for Davey Oil. The first two were only sent to Davey but this one might amuse others.

I have had the Metrofiets for a little bit and have managed to crash in the following ways:

1. The tween crashed into me. How did this happen? I was using a route some douche bag suggested. In order to avoid a pretty bad car collision drivers were using the alleyway behind Tin Umbrella. So, when we turned on to that street some jerk drove out fast, I screamed and hit the brakes hard. This resulted in the tween crashing right into my derailler. After this I had one good gear. It got fixed but seriously, don't listen to idiots who don't know routes.

2. I crashed hard and this time very hard. We had a series of days where it didn't rain and so when it rains again the road become slick. With complete confidence I thought I could grab something with one hand and mange the bike at the same. WRONG. Don't do that. Then I did the fat…

Cargo Bikes on Sound Transit: Not so fast

It's old news but per Sound Transit "no oversized, cargo, family cargo, tandem, or fueled bicycles are permitted on any vehicle".  This is not a new rule but it was spelled out more recently, especially with the opening of two new stations.

Cargo and family bikes are a spectrum. I wish a length requirement was used instead because this would clarify better what is allowed. Many cities have a cap on length and I think this is helpful for people who plan to be multi-modal. The SkyTrain in Vancouver, BC specifies that bikes must be less than 185 centimeters or 73 inches long. They also limit which stations bikes can exit.

After our trailer days we looked into what would give us the most flexibility. It turned out my Oma bike with a kid seat on the back would be the most flexible. If I had to, I could load it on a bus bike rack and mitigate all elevators with it. It was a great set-up. I had to bike the 1st kid to school in Capitol Hill and home again. 20 miles each day on …

M is for Metrofiets (Part 1)

Don't hate me when you read this.

I think ever since I saw my first cargo bike in 1995 I always wanted a front cargo bike. Living in Denmark will do that to you. We had friends who worked for the Danish Post Office and I thought it was so cool they delivered the mail by bike. So cool! So what prevented me from buying one? Money was a factor for a very long time. Then we moved to Seattle and it became terrain. I worked with a woman at the public school who was pretty discouraging about getting a Workcycles bakfiets despite her family owning own. I tried one in early 2007 and loved it but could understand that the weight of the bike might make it hard. I had nobody to consult about this and did not know people who were putting electric assist on bikes. So, I put the idea away.

Then I had the love affair with the Bullitt (Part 1 & Part 2) bike and had the opportunity to bike with one. It was fun but not the bike for me. My love was smothered by my short legs and the ouchie stand…