Mini Blog Post: Crash

Before crashing. Doesn't look that wet outside.
This is mini blog post #3. It's a series I started just for Davey Oil. The first two were only sent to Davey but this one might amuse others.

I have had the Metrofiets for a little bit and have managed to crash in the following ways:

1. The tween crashed into me. How did this happen? I was using a route some douche bag suggested. In order to avoid a pretty bad car collision drivers were using the alleyway behind Tin Umbrella. So, when we turned on to that street some jerk drove out fast, I screamed and hit the brakes hard. This resulted in the tween crashing right into my derailler. After this I had one good gear. It got fixed but seriously, don't listen to idiots who don't know routes.

2 minutes before the crash

2. I crashed hard and this time very hard. We had a series of days where it didn't rain and so when it rains again the road become slick. With complete confidence I thought I could grab something with one hand and mange the bike at the same. WRONG. Don't do that. Then I did the fatal mistake of braking. My brakes are good. So, I started skidding left and going down at the same time. AWWWWW!! OW!

While I was falling I was thinking, my tights are falling, how embarrassing. Luckily, I had the poncho on so nobody saw this disaster.  AWWWW! I kinda just stayed on the ground and wondered if my legs worked. A guy walking kinda stared and when he realized I wasn't moving he said, "are you ok" but kept walking. I am not sure how to feel about that. The time I saw a drunk lady stumble on Broadway and fall I helped pick her up.  So, I got up moved the bike over to the side. A woman saw this from her house and came out. I was close to 20/20 Cycles so I limped over. I was not sure to cry, the adreline still pumping.

Daniel came out, checked my bike and gave me a band-aid. Seriously, those guys are nice. 20/20 Cycle, I love you!

I biked home with all my junk and here I am, on the couch embarrassed. I don't think my knee is broken but it's swollen. My tights are intact and it's really bizarre how I was so worried about the condition of my tights.

I know, I biked home with a full load. I don't think I'm broken.

DAMN!! Metrofiets, you make one bomb proof bike. DAMN, Alex, you put components on my bike that work well. Respect!


  1. One time I was trying to start our box bike from a stop and voice coach our newly on own bike 2nd grader and not collide with a man on a bike who decided to shoal in front of us when a small hole that I apparently had in the crotch of my tights got caught on the front of my seat and rapidly got larger as I tried to extract my seat, stay vertical, and turn us left into Union. I did not crash, but I am still not quite sure how I avoided it.

  2. Also - I hope you are ok! Seems like you might still be in shock.

  3. I think I will be sore tomorrow. Luckily I can walk but am keeping a low bike profile. Last time I feel like this when I slipped on ice so it was a little startling but slick oily roads will do the same.

  4. YOWZA. Was that douchebag on the SFB fb page? Either way, you're hilarious to call it out. Hoping you heal quickly. Glad you're mostly ok!

    1. HAHAHA, no, it came from a worse source. Now that I think about it, maybe I will get criticism for the way I crashed. At the end of the day, my tights are intact!

  5. I highly recommend ibuprofen.

    I am so sorry that happened! We skidded out like that in October - it was terrifying.
    A very pregnant woman with a 2 year old in the house across the street from my event invited us in and her husband picked up the bike. I did cry and she bandaged my arm.
    You are amazing for getting the bike up after that!

    1. Thanks. My leg is okay and the knee part is not purple. I took some ibuprofen before sleeping. Considering how heavy the bike is I am glad the box was made the way it was because it saved me from crushing my leg.

  6. Falling down occasionally means you're riding enough. Glad you're well, I hope for a speedy recovery for you.

  7. What is the difference between lycra and spandex?


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