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Cargo Bikes vs Sound Transit Bike Cage

In the interest of research I met with a Sound Transit representative to look at how cargo bikes might fit in the bike cage. Currently the only bike cage is located at the Beacon Hill light rail station. More secured bike parking interest me. Currently a space cost $50/year which is not a lot but would it be worth it? Luckily before paying for a space I got to bring a bike to test. I picked my monster bike, my glorious Metrofiets.

The Door: Ideally I would need zero obstructions to get to the door. I want to roll the bike straight. I think it's possible.

See, it's a tight space. Then comes the issue of trying to open the door. The truth is, I can't. I can only imagine I would find something to prop it open because it is NOT EASY with this bike. I tested before my ST friend arrived. It only resulted with me wedging myself in a weird way. 
Let's go inside. Once I rolled in I had to try to make a 3 point turn with the bike. Just so you get an idea, my bike is close to 10 f…