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Beacon Hill Greenway CHECK!

I have a goal since I already met Reb Roush and after that my life has no meaning. JUST KIDDING!

No, really, I would like to bike all the greenways in the form of a Kidical Mass Ride. Ideally I would like to bike them alone so I can go fast but I can do that too before a slow ride.

I honestly didn't think anyone would come. I have super low expectations. I figured if one person came I would buy them a beverage of their choice just for showing up. How did I manage to take pictures? I put the camera on the back of my bike. You will not get to see the video because Davey and I were plotting world domination and we don't want you to hear the audio. JUST KIDDING!

To my surprise so many people came. We had a family from West Seattle, several north enders, Hola Pedro and Davey! One family met us on the route and Mom ran behind us taking pictures. Another family came from Burien I enjoyed being bossy. It was so awesome!

We picked up this adorable kid. Luckily this was a group of expe…

Kidical Mass: Central District Greenway/Visit Electric Lady

Yes, another Kidical Mass ride, wow wow!

This time we will explore the Central District Greenway. This greenway has a lot of great features I love in a  greenway. It has speed humps, good route markers, it's on calm street, and has flashing beacons with bike buttons to activate them. You will get to experience a trapezoidal speed hump. Don't worry, I will warn you before we bike over them because it HURTS! Bob Edmiston of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways did a lot of work to make the other ones less hurty, so I appreciate that. is hosting this ride. Our destination is Electric Lady and hopefully a park afterwards.

WHAT: Kidical Mass Ride: Central District Greenway/Destination Electric Lady

WHEN: Sunday, May 29th

TIME: 2:30PM meet-up and we will leave shortly afterwards.

WHERE: Meet at the grassy field at Jimi Hendrix Park near the porta-potty, appealing

END: We will make our way to Electric Lady and depending on how everyone is feeling we will continue on to a park. I …

Kidical Mass South Seattle: Destination Jefferson Park

I know everyone doesn't live on Facebook so I wanted to make sure I reach out to everyone. I'm leading a ride! Sure, I have done this before but this is my first Kidical Mass ride as the leader.

Familybike is hosting Kidical Mass South Seattle. We plan to bike to Jefferson Park.

Our route will bike along the Mountain to Sound Trail and the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway. On the way to the park the Mountain to Sound Trail is uphill but we have plenty of space to wait for anyone who needs to walk or needs a rest.

At the park we can hang out. We will bike slow, nobody is racing.

When you are ready to go home you can go the same route we came which will be a fast and fun downhill ride, Beacon Hill Light rail is close by, Chief Sealth is close or you can bike the rest of the Beacon Hill Greenway and go to Georgetown. So, I tried to make it so that you had options.

Here are the details with the public Facebook Page and link to calendar.

WHAT: Kidical Mass Ride South…