Beacon Hill Greenway CHECK!

Hey look, my lawyer came on the ride ;)
I have a goal since I already met Reb Roush and after that my life has no meaning. JUST KIDDING!

No, really, I would like to bike all the greenways in the form of a Kidical Mass Ride. Ideally I would like to bike them alone so I can go fast but I can do that too before a slow ride.

I love Merlin's bike
I honestly didn't think anyone would come. I have super low expectations. I figured if one person came I would buy them a beverage of their choice just for showing up. How did I manage to take pictures? I put the camera on the back of my bike. You will not get to see the video because Davey and I were plotting world domination and we don't want you to hear the audio. JUST KIDDING!

Catch up! I was really having a lovely conversation with Little Oil

To my surprise so many people came. We had a family from West Seattle, several north enders, Hola Pedro and Davey! One family met us on the route and Mom ran behind us taking pictures. Another family came from Burien I enjoyed being bossy. It was so awesome!

Look, we brought this kid along.
We picked up this adorable kid. Luckily this was a group of experienced parent riders so everyone gave her excellent direction so she could pedal her little heart out. 

I love the poncho. Go ponchos!
The most awesome part was that someone from the Jewish community came to the ride. KAREN you rock! I'm so proud of you. I live in the Jewish Orthodox Community of Seward Park so, not as insular as Williamsburg but kinda outside a lot of people's comfort zone. One day you will all give up your cars. I'm plotting that! Also, Pedro, muchas gracias for helping out the way you did, especially getting Karen back to her destination.

I had no idea this kid was so fast until I watched the video
It was sad. My kids didn't come along because the toddler was sick and the tween likes to supervise childcare when Mr. Peyos is home, hah. I'm sure he would do a great job on his own. I even brought the Edgerunner so that people could try that bike if they wanted.

We stopped at the Food Forest because it showcased the new connection of the Beacon Hill Greenway which is lovely.

Beacon Hill Connector. It used to be dirt and gravel

We passed this sorry excuse for a bike rack. When will people learn? What is it? Maybe it's not a rack. The mystery unfolds.

We got to chat at the park. Nobody played on the zipline. Oh well, next time. Thanks for coming out and I look forward to more rides in other parts of Seattle.


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