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10th Ave Streetclimb/Don't bring your bike hike

I met Mr. Peyos after the Memorial walk for Desiree McCloud. I'm sure someone will write about the memorial walk but a lot of my feelings about this section of the city are wrapped up in the outcome of Rainier Ave and our no-nothing protected bike lanes. So, for now I am going to wait until I get write about Rainier Ave.

Mr. Peyos and I decided to return to downtown to catch the light rail and I suggested we try the NEW AND IMPROVED 10th Ave. Hillclimb/Shortcut/Whatever

Someone was convinced I didn't know where we were going. I said, I vaguely saw on social media that those painted feet meant something. So, we followed them like fools.

"It's closed Shirley, let's walk downtown another way". No, I was convinced that the feet meant we would find the path

AWW, SNAP! This looked promising as a shortcut with a bike until I saw this. I can't friggin lift my bike over this many steps. NO NO NO. 
For residents only the sign said or just us trespassers. How weird