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FREE Bike Kidical Mass/Picnic/Family Bike Expo

I know, it's late notice but this Sunday is a Kidical Mass ride. I will be meeting everyone at the grassy playfield at Jimi Hendrix Park and we will make our way down through Coleman Park to Bicycle Sunday. Whoopie! At the end we can hang out and bonus try out some of the rental fleet of

WHEN: Sunday July 10th Noon

MEETING LOCATION: Jimi Hendrix Park by the grassy playfield.

I will try to tweet but find it incredibly hard since I like to talk, blah blah blah.

Here is the link to the Facebook event page just in case.

Again, you don't have to have kids to join us on this ride. We welcome people without children as well.

Your exit strategy: How will you get home?

Once we reach our destination along Lake Washington Bicycle Sunday I can direct you to several routes back to either our meeting spot or a good route to get on Link Light Rail.

Oh Rainier! #DemandMore

We are getting close to our one year 0.9 road diet anniversary and what has been accomplished to support it? Read those words, SUPPORT it. Here's are the results of how it's working and I can't wait until it extends to where I live.

Look, I tried to get myself in there by saying, "look, let's get a protected bike lane there, while we're at it". It was not even my idea. SDOT presented it as one of the options at the early road diet meeting that I attending with my tried an cranky kids. Remember that! PLAN 1B.  It's like birth control for the road.

So, what happened to the protected bike lane? In essence, early in the year I was told that it was not the right time and that the idea as not being shoved away but that their were other things that made it difficult to happen at this time. Does that sound familiar? I'll give you a hint: CITY CENTER NETWORK.

I had a hard time writing about this after the final meeting because I was pretty enraged by some…