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Family Bike Camping: Manchester State Park

What a boring title to an otherwise epic journey. I chronicled a test ride with just gear and no toddler or bike friends. It went well and fast but that's because I have electric assist, little did I know what would happen when you mix toddlers, tween and Team Mama Bears.

The collective bike team we call Team Mama Bears set off to bike with 9 kids and 5 Mama Bears. Three of those are toddlers and one a tween. Oh, fun!

Our bike set up consisted of

-2 Metrofiets Bikes (1 stokemoney assist, 1 mega monster ezee hub)
-1 Madsen Bike (BionX assist)
-2 Haul-A-day Bikes (NO ASSIST)
-1 Public Bike (Tween's official ride)
-1 child on Goodwill bike (3 workable gears)

Since we were all biking from different locations we decided to meet at the Seattle Water Taxi downtown. Several of the Mama Bears were starting an epic journey so by the time they got to the dock they had biked approximately 15 miles. Since I wanted a happy tween I let the tween take the light rail in the morning with her d…

Bike Route Testing: Manchester State Park via West Seattle

I have wanted to go bike camping for a really really long time. I finally found a group of like-minded crazies to go with me, AKA Team Mama Bears. Several of these mamas have been to Brainbridge Island to camp with Familyride as part of a Kidical Mass Family Bike Camping.

First, I think you should all be so glad Madi test these routes. She puts a lot of thought and it's not easy. So, thank you!

In any case, I have had Manchester State Park on my top places to go. The trees and beach are really appealing. Most recently Madi went bike camping with her kids. Her route was to take the Bremerton ferry from downtown Seattle and then hop on the Port Orchard pedestrian ferry and then bike to Manchester. I had followed her journey on Twitter and noticed one thing, an elevator or 8 steps at Port Orchard. While Madi was able to squeeze her Surly Big Dummy in an upright position, I can't do that. My Metrofiets is 9.5 feet long. It's long!

So, the other option was a route that Marley …