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Mini Me Disaster Relief Trials/Kidical Mass Ride

I am a fan of not spending money on crafts. I am not a crafts person. So this called for some creativity. In a last minute effort I thought, hey, let's have a Mini Me DRT (Disaster Relief Trials). I have always wanted to have one and thought combing it with a Kidical Mass Ride would be a great thing.

So, I put the tween in charge of the stations. She came up with these ideas:

Our stops:
-Save a puppy
-Rescue the person from file. Originally bike through fire but we modified it last minute
-Save the alligator from polluted water
-Chase away the zombies
-We had another stop, rescue the sick person, but the tweens were pooped so we didn't do this.

So, what does a $5 DRT look like. All items salvaged from the Goodwill or from free sources.

Save a Puppy:
Originally I had little shoe boxes to attach to bikes to put the puppy in because it seems so cruel to zip tie them to a bike, no? Our participants were on Dad's bike so a quick modification with pipe cleaners.

Rescue a person f…