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Romance is..going to a federal building on our wedding anniversary

Roses are red, violets are blue, this guy blocked the sidewalk as a big f---you.❤ — No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) February 14, 2017 February 14th is the day when significant other's are guilted into buying chocolates, flowers, and (insert random junk here). It also happens to be the day Mr. Peyos and I dragged ourselves to Frederiksberg, Denmark and had our civil wedding. It was non-eventful and we amazingly have stayed married for 20 years.

Every year we don't make plans and I don't expect anything except maybe some marshmallows. Romance right!

This year we made plans. Our plans were to eat lunch, with our toddler, at the Jewish retirement home in Capitol Hill. It is by far, the best kosher place to eat.  We did have one errand to do and it required we go to the social security office downtown.

So we set off with our kid. Hey, let's take the 7 bus all the way downtown. It's not rush hour so traffic should be light and we don'…