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50 Shades of TransPortation

So, I did something that is weird. I watched that hot diggy dumb movie about 50 Shades. I am interested in movies that take place in the town I live so I was watching it for the Seattle scenery and not the other stuff that goes on. Right? Sure, right!!!
In any case, when that novel came out I managed to escape reading it even when it was offered for FREE on kindle or on loan from the library. While the intellectual novel of our time, reawakening the souls of the bored won so many hearts,  I want to know, WHY THE HECK WAS THE VIADUCT CLOSED? Why did SDOT feel compelled to block off street? What the heck is going on?

So, ready for some sexy pictures. Go get yourself a NACTO planning guide, a feather and some beer because here is 50 Shades of Grey from a transportation story point.

Our story takes place in some college blandville town in Oregon. Anna goes to the big town of Seattle to meet her doom/destiny. Yeah, my summary is going to be so bad I don't even know what the real story…

Hey There Rainier Ave: In the Era of Rump Roast

Hey, how's it going Rainier Ave?

Well, road channelization has been great BUT it hasn't been extended to the part I live on. So, what happens where I live?

Let me guess, wild parties? Nope, we get collisions. SURPRISE! Before I even show you those pictures let's take a look at what's been happening so far.

Right now the salt in the wound is Rainier/S. Holly. Why this intersection? This is suppose to be a greenway intersection. You know, an all-ages-abilites route. We have to get through this intersection 4 times a day at least. It's a pain in the butt.

Some people have no problem running over kids. She couldn't wait for us to get through the crosswalk. — No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) January 31, 2017 Sometimes drivers don't care when kids are walking across the street.

Oh wacky Rainier Ave — No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) December 19, 2016 Drivers continue to crash.