Hey There Rainier Ave: In the Era of Rump Roast

Hey, how's it going Rainier Ave?

Well, road channelization has been great BUT it hasn't been extended to the part I live on. So, what happens where I live?

Let me guess, wild parties? Nope, we get collisions. SURPRISE! Before I even show you those pictures let's take a look at what's been happening so far.

Right now the salt in the wound is Rainier/S. Holly. Why this intersection? This is suppose to be a greenway intersection. You know, an all-ages-abilites route. We have to get through this intersection 4 times a day at least. It's a pain in the butt.

Sometimes drivers don't care when kids are walking across the street.

Drivers continue to crash.

Drivers don't care. Red light? Oh, I'm special. Those aren't for me.

Do drivers always care about safety? Sure! Don't turn on your headlights. It's not like it's dark outside.

UGH, Bus is in the crosswalk, bus behind me is also turning. I could have died. Forget ever trying to ride on the road and trigger the bike sensor on the GREENWAY. What was the point?

Aww, special. When you hit the sign a fairy pops out of that building right?
Depressing to put up these ghost people.

I'm really stupid for trying the bike sensor. I try so hard and it never works.

What? Driving is for winners, like the person who ran over the sign
More fun and games. Go ahead. I can wait another signal so I can get across the street. It's not like I have places to be. My bike is not a form of transportation but your dilapidated car is.

Sometimes I try to find out what the heck is going on. Hi SDOT.

That's great road diet area but when will I get safer streets. Phase 2 now.

I truly must love torture because I try this sensor way too many times.

Then we have the grand finale. TOOT TOOT, CRASH!

On the evening of 2/1/2017 a driver caused a collision so bad it took out power lines and managed to wedge their car between the bus stop and the South Seattle Senior Center.
Aww,  speeding is for demons and idiots with cars.

Did you not get a close look? Here you go.

In the end nobody was hurt but seriously who needs to die? Kids going to/from MLK Elementary, someone at the Senior Center, people from Immigrant housing, me and my kids?

Rainier Ave is getting changes but not soon enough. We can only hope that the kickoff event for the road diet extension means real changes will happen sooner before someone dies.



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