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Goodbye Edgerunner, hello Vektron

I sold the Edgerunner in November. Yes, November! I think I tweeted about it and then that was it. Afterwards I was sitting on a heap of money for a new bike.

The Edgerunner served me well for 3 years but a front cargo bike serves me really well right now. I was also hopping it would be a multi-modal travel option but the light rail has these blah rules. I am not much for the rules but the real issue was the squooshy nature of bringing a longtail bike on the light rail during rush hour. Outside the rush to work hour it is possible but I needed some flexibility.

So, I waited and thought out my issues. I wanted something light, compact but could carry a toddler and some stuff. I also wanted to have the option of taking a bike on to the Amtrak. A lot of this sounds like the Haul-a-Day right? I liked this option but also thought about some physical issues I have and needed assist so I wouldn't hurt myself again. The toddler is HEAVY!

So, I settled on the Tern Vektron. This bike was n…