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School Bike Commute 2016-17 DONE!

Biking the older kid to school is nothing new. Although, this was the first year she biked on her own all the way to school and home.

It was a year of learning too!
Our route at the beginning of the year meant we would bike on Martin Luther King, cut through some side streets by S. Alaska and make the difficult journey of biking up S. Columbian Way. None of it was nice. It was always loud and included risk. For every intersection we had to be vigilant someone wasn't turning or running a red light. MLK has become the new Rainier Ave. High speeds are normal but the good thing going is that we have the light rail track in the middle that act as a buffer.

Our route suddenly changed when a driver turning from S. Columbian on to a side street came at us so fast they almost hit us. Since I was basically blocking the road I motioned to this driver to roll down his window. I will have to note that after biking this way we met the neighbors on this street and many of them expected us to bi…