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There and Back Again: Manchester State Park

The tween has been biking the Chief Sealth every day and it's not a piece of cake but she does it because it's a path without drivers. So, we decided to start our bike camping season with a brief overnight to Manchester State Park. No Mama Bears, just the teen, toddler and me.  Sure, it's crazy and I don't know if I recommend it but why not!

If I was organized I would take a good picture of all the things I packed. I live with a little person who loves snacks, loves that cooler and under no circumstances let me pack for anything! I also had to bring the toddler his down blanket. If we don't bring that on our trips he won't sleep. Can you imagine that? 
Teen used her mixte bike last year but I let her borrow the Vektron and then did something really bad,. I made her carry more than just her stuff. If we had the front rack for that bike I would have made her carry even more. Sure, she can do it. I'm a good mother. She's not carrying enough!
On our way to …