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Mama Bear Camping: Lopez Island 2018

Mama Bears and family once again did the long journey to Lopez Island. This time many of us did something that will horrify you. Wait for it...... We drove a car to Anacortes Ferry. Ugh why couldn't this have been easier?

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As much as I loved taking the Clipper to Friday Harbor it required a lot of waiting and with a child who can be difficult at times and prone to public meltdowns I wasn't too sure if I had the mental capacity to do this. Then again, driving requires a whole different mental capacity.

Since our family doesn't own a car, I did an extended day rental on a Car2Go. What kind of gear did we plan to stick in the car?

-2 folding bikes
-Wike Trailer
-Then the camping gear, so much stuff.

After waking up semi early I played a mean game of tetris with the car space and managed to get everything inside. Sorry, no pictures. The drive is about 1 hour and 40 minutes and we left early, just in case. By the time we got to Mary…