Friday, June 14, 2013

Crazy Bikes we all Need

This week I was pretty lazy when it came to biking. For some reason either I do a lot of gardening or bike, never both. If it is even remotely warmish I can't stand to do two things. Plus, gardening can make my hands so dirty.

Wednesday I took the bus to get my kid from school WOW, what a mistake! The bus was so hot and humid inside. Then it got stinky because someone was eating some kind of shellfish. Nobody opens windows and you end up on a bus that smells steamy and fishy at the same time. I got out early and opted to walk a few miles rather than gag.

Well, my last post have been about the wonders/joy of riding with an electric assist. Well, my mother finally caught up on her No Spandex Required reading and sent me a solution to my biking needs: A flying bike!

Oh, but Mr. Peyos had to top that and send me this: A Jet Powered Bike

Get out of my way metal machines! You can totally keep creeper cars far away from you. I love it!

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